Film: 4629

Sport | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Intertitle: Women's Roller Derby pretty violent as fights break out on the track 1940's

A group of women rollerskate around an oval racetrack or velodrome. They all wear crash helmets and numbered vests. A wider shot reveals other racers and team coaches in the centre of the track. Referees or race officials watch proceedings. The skaters approach the camera. Two of them fall over and a third trips over them as they fall on the floor. The race continues and another skater slides out of contention towards the middle of the track. The pair who are in the lead fall down. Some of the pursuing skaters manage to jump over them, but others also fall. A girl in a striped shirt slips and appears to trip up her opponent.
Intertitle: Tension Rises!
The two girls who have just fallen start to fight with each other while still lying on the race circuit. They are split up by two male race officials,
Intertitle: The Men show some tricks!
A men's race. The racer in second place skates into the race leader. As the race proceeds, he head butts him on the backside. He looks as if he will lose his balance , but manages to stay upright for a while longer, before the front four racers all crash.
Intertitle: The girls return but they can't be peaceful. Women race past camera. Two women not involved in that race (they are not wearing crash helmets) fist fight with each other, grabbing hold of each other's hair. Two women skate past and one appears to punch the other (not wearing protective headgear) in the mouth. An official wearing a striped shirt tries to break up the fight between the first two women.

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