Film: 4634

Farming + Rural Life | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Southern states of America, cotton picking and plantation life 1920's

Map of America indicating the old south. A line is drawn to indicate the equator and camera pans across the rest of the world. Intertitle - "A warm climate and fertile soil favoured plantation in the Old South". Map of the coastal plain, flood plain and Highlands indicated with an arrow. Aerial view of the area.
Intertitle - "Home work was varied". Women roll out a large log and one begins to chop it with an axe, a girl cooks something over a fire. View of a large farmhouse surrounded by trees. A girl turns the wheel
A woman knits, another beats a rag against a table. Intertitle - "Village life was quiet". Small village in the old South, typical film western kind of scene, people milling about, women look over a balcony, clock tower in the background. Intertitle - "Local schools were primitive". Inside a small school, children sit around with no desks. A girl approaches a teacher with a book.
Intertitle - "Population was densest where the soil was most productive". A map showing distribution of population in 1860, white dots appear on the map to indicate population.
Intertitle - "Products"
Men working in the field sowing crops. Map showing the growing seasons on the plains. Intertitle - "The Old South needed cheap labour". The map shows the location of tobacco, sugar cane, rice and cotton. Men picking in the fields.
"Timber" chopping wood, clearing forests, felling trees.
Steam train carries the logs. Horse and cart takes logs, two men stand on the logs. They roll them onto the ground.
"Communications". Men get on a horse and cart and wave at a small child as they leave. "The roads were poor". They are pulled along through bumpy roads and through water. "Large use was made of canals and rivers for transportation". A boat is pulled along a river by horses on the embankment.
Large boat
"Plantation Life - the planters lived in spacious homes". A large house with grand pillars and children running around the garden. A woman in an elegant dress walks through her garden. At the big house,
Black people play music, sing and dance and clap their hands. A woman wears a headscarf and smokes a pipe. Intertitle - "The evenings were lively with music and dancing". Inside the big house, the white planters dance.

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