Film: 4638

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Hairdressing at turn of 1980's including bizarre New Romantic hairstyles.

Montage of London to funky 1970's sound track including aerial pan over streets, pigeons washing, horse guards down the Mall, pan across to St Pauls, people under umbrellas in the rain, a red bus going past (number illegible). A backlit woman has hair blowing out behind her and big round 1970's glasses. Intercut with a parade of 1970's lovelies is a book of hair styles being flicked through. Other 1970's lovelies include a black woman with Medusa like curls; a woman wearing a straight, platinum coloured wig with sparkly strands; brown eyes peering through a net of woven hair; a black permed bob style; an early punk with teased up hair like a Mohican but at face level its all feminine and curly; a simple short shaggy cut; a black woman with a short Afro and white zig zags down her face. Glenda Foster Jones reports about the trade show for the hairdressing industry, Salon International. Close up of scissors cutting. Array of hairdressing tools laid out on a towel. Hair being cut with scissors intercut with a woman in blonde wig and silver boob tube dancing her socks off. Brushing the newly cut hair. A different blonde woman dancing. Close up of hair going into basin for washing. Various styles of hair being cut. Shampooing hair in close up. Glenda gets her hair done by Adele Morris. Asks questions of Adele, where students come from etc. Close up of Glenda as hair being braided with purple silk thread. Talking about creation of African hair styles. Beads in a glass bowl. Plaiting hair in many plaits. African dancers. Hair plaiting with shells including a close up. Lagos hair plaiters. Close up of plaiting work, intercut with Nigerian fashion and dancing. They win the show, presentation of a trophy to black woman with Medusa ringlets. Close up of African hair plaiting techniques as adapted by British stylists such as Robert LeBete. Hairstyle of net over face being created using hairspray. Drying hair with red hot lamp. Fashion models on the catwalk. Sign on catwalk is Renbow. Close up of lips. Close up of eyes. Close up of woman rinsing her hair in sink. Close up of scissors snapping. Close up of eyebrow plucking with tweezers. Brush curling through hair. More outrageous campy hair styles and colours intercut with the tools of the trade such as scissors, brushes, combs, being placed on a towel. Absolutely brilliant and completely over the top hair styles.

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