Film: 464

Politics | 1970 | Sound | B/W


The President of Uganda, Idi Amin, meets with foreign leaders after his decision to revoke the residency permits of South Asian citizens in Uganda, 1970's.

Montage of close-ups showing the faces of Ugandan citizens. Villagers are dancing tribally. They all start walking backwards as part of the dance. A soldier (could be their leader) is watching the ceremony. People wearing traditional masks stand on their feet. The dance continues and everyone seems to enjoy it. Men in suits walk outside an impressive building that looks like a palace. A car arrives at the palace. The British high commissioner to Uganda, Richard Slater, gets out of the car and goes inside the building. The next guest is the Indian high commissioner to Uganda. The Pakistani ambassador has also been invited. They all greet each other, while being surrounded by foreign journalists and Ugandan politicians. President Idi Amin greets everyone with a handshake. The president sits down and all the journalists gather around him. A boom operator points the microphone to the table where the high commissioners and the president sit. Amin begins his speak; the film cameras start rolling and the journalists note down everything he says. Montage of the reaction of the guests and the president speaking. Camera zooms in to the president, who's reading an announcement from a piece of paper, while the narrator informs us that his speech was about the revocation of all the residency permits of South Asian citizens that live in Uganda, meaning that the maximum amount of time that they are allowed to stay in the country from now on is 90 days. Shots of journalists writing down notes and the president delivering his speech. A reel to reel recorder records the speech on magnetic tape. The president is now talking directly to his guests and the journalists, saying - according to the narrator - that this decision is not due to racism, but because of his belief that a country cannot be fully independent when its economy is controlled by non-citizens. A foreign journalist asks the president a question. Montage of close-ups focusing on the dialogue between the president and the foreign press. The president talks in detail about the reasons that led him to this decision and assures the journalists that he still considers the United Kingdom to be a good friend of his nation. Montage of Ugandans dancing and celebrating, allegedly because of their approval of the president's decision. Outside a building, Ugandan citizens show their support for the president and praise him by dancing and singing. The president of Zaire, Mobutu Sese Seko, arrives at the Entebbe International Airport and Amir greets him along with his young son. Amir salutes the rest of the cabinet that travelled with Mobutu. Military ceremony and salute to Mobutu. The presidents inspect the Ugandan Armed Forces. Then, they both enjoy a traditional dance ceremony. President Mobutu answers the questions of the Ugandan journalists, which have to do with the recent announcement that president Amir made regarding South Asian citizens. Mobutu expresses his support of Amir's decision. A branch of the Arab Libyan Bank for Foreign Trade & Development (currently known as "Tropical Bank") opens in Kampala, in order to promote trade between the countries of Libya and Uganda. The president arrives at the site. Lots of people have gathered to praise him. The president waves his hand at them, while they cheer. The street opposite to the bank is full of enthousiastic Ugandans. Close-up on the sign outside the building. The President of the Somali Democratic Republic (or Somalia), Siad Barre, is Amir's next guest. Barre arrives at the Entebbe International Airport and is being greeted by the president Amir and lots of Ugandan and Somali citizens, who sing and dance on his arrival. The two leaders embrace. President Barre is accompanied by the Minister of State and Foreign Affairs. The generals salute the two leaders. Military salute and ceremony where the national anthems of the two countries are being played. The Somali president then inspects the Ugandan Armed Forces. Montage of the leaders inspecting the forces. Military planes fly over the airport. Traditional dancers dance to the leaders cheerfully. President Barre waves his hand at the excited crowd.

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