Film: 4646

Medicine | 1940 | Silent | Colour


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RH Testing. A film showing how to test for Rh blood groups 1940's

A green backround of multitude grooved slides with a set of instructions written on the screen. A laboratory bench with a set of test tubes all labelled and with cork stoppers standing on a test tube rack, there is also three groved slides, a vial with yellow liquid, a beaker half full with distilled water and another beaker filled with a transparent liquid, this beaker has a pasteur pipette inside. Close up of a multigrooved slide. Instructions written against a green background. A technicians right hand, picks up the pasteur pipette and dips it in the distilled water and then in the other beaker, the technicians left hand picks up a test tube standing on the test tube rack and inserts the pasteur pipette in it ( presumably he takes out blood), places a drop in a groove, on the slide, he continues through some more test tubes. Futher set of written instructions. The technician adds a drop of serum (which is diluted with albumin solution) to each drop of blood on the grooves, he gently tilts the slide. Close up of the slide being gently tilted in order to mix the blood and the serum. More instructions on the screen. The multigrooved slides come back from the moist chamber. The technician tilts each slide to check for agglutination. Close up of a slide being tilted, some grooves show agglutination. Close up of two slides, the slide on the bottom of the screen shows blood before incubation, the top slide shows blood after incubation (some of the grooves in this slide have agglutinated blood).

25ft Demonstration of slide
39ft Cells dropped on slide
72ft Diluted with albumin
100ft Incubation
117ft Before & after

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