Film: 4650

Feature Drama | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Atlantic City, N.J. USA Shapely models parade latest beach fashions 1910's

Young women parade in front of large grandstand filled with people dressed in bathing costumes. Panning shot of women standing on beach wearing bathing suits and pom pom suits like a fashion parade or catwalk Intense shot of women competing for prize with winner in flowing white costume being awarded small cup. Shot of young girls waving and cheering as winner celebrates. Insert diagram with picture of young lady pointing to a sign which says "Ladies, without escorts cordially invited" Advertisement for barber "Tony's Barber Shop, Special for Sat Shave … 5(cents). Beer and Cigar, Free" (Educational film on the dangers of smoking).

Short film drama with Tom as the misguided wretch who is not only a smoker but a drinker. Good shot of three men drinking at table in garden. Waiter arrives at table confronts Tom about smoking, fight ensues. Tom is punched and ends on floor. Family surround Tom who is suffering from nicotine withdrawal. Doctor arrives and hypnotise Tom. Tom awakens and rejects the offer of a cigarette made to him. Inset card - two years later. Saved from himself - Happy family welcomes Tom who has been redeemed. Tom is rewarded for his abstinence from smoking by marriage to his sweet heart. Nick (the waiter) offers Tom a cigarette as a test which Tom refuses. He has been cured from the curse of the cigarette. Inset title - picture of policeman pointing to the following sign "Mashers! Watch Out, The Law is Watching You". - Inset title. Advertisement for Flugle The Butcher. This is followed by the title card for "A Race for Millions" billed as a Thomas A.Edison Production. Opening shots of Log Cabin with valley in background. Static camera. We meet a miner and his daughter Becky. The miner has just discovered gold. Chickenpox Charlie clearly the bad character, dressed all in black arrives and is after both Becky and the gold. The miner refuses to sell. Our hero (Horace the hero) arrives and confronts Charlie. He is welcomed by Becky and her father who shake his hand. Shot of Becky on horse travelling towards camera with Horace by her side. Horace is shot. Culprit makes getaway by horse. Becky returns but Horace is badly injured. Becky nurses Horace back to health at her cabin. Chickenpox Charlie arrives. Becky asks him to leave. The door is locked. Charlie has the key. Charlie grabs Becky and kisses her. Horace gets up from bed and fights Charlie. Good shot of pistol going off. Horace saves the day. Insert advertisement "Dr. Kronkheit painless extractions, just down the street". Pathe news 1910 - New York, N.Y. Elegant Easter styles make their appearance. Shots of women wearing elegant dresses and hats in park. Also men with bowler hats. Women with parasols.

Title card for The Fugitive with William S. Hart. Opening shot of Hart gambling. Cut to café entertainer dancing in front of the two who sit at a table. Large crowd in background. Mexicans with hats on. Dancer finishes. Crowd applauses. Hart puts rose, the dancer threw at him, inside his shirt. The dancer Rosa spots that Hart's gambling partner is cheating. Hart and gambling partner fight. Rosa is held back by two Mexicans. Hart kills gambler. Exterior of bar. Hart leaves in a hurry on horse. Crowd rushes out of bar. Sheriff arrives. Hart makes gateway up sand dune. Shrift makes chase. Hart shoots sheriff and takes him to his cabin. Close up of Hart, dissolve to shot of him with Rosa and dissolve back to him. Hart decides to take sheriff back to town. Indians appear and chase Bill and Sheriff. Good shot of Indians pursuing and circling the pair. Hart and sheriff put up a fight. Sheriff is shot again and falls on Hart. Towns people locate Bill and sheriff who is still clutching Rosa. Rosa puts flowers on grave made of stones with wooden crucifix on top.

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