Film: 4659

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | Colour


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Nalorphine. N-allylnormorphine. Nalorphine Lethidrone 1950's

Demonstration of action of Nalorphine (Lethidrone) as an antagonist to morphine, methadone (physeptone) and thiambutene (Themalon).
Tests on dog. Graphs. Six rabbits in hutches under test conditions. White rats in cages. One is removed and force fed. Dog on raised table is prodded and poked. It has its ears pulled. Rapid recovery of dog after injection.

16ft Dog under morphine given Nalorphine and recovers rapily
78ft Pharmacological diagrams
104ft Effect on breathing
183ft on temperature
214ft on GI tract
248ft Antagonism to Methadone, Pethidine and Thiambutene in dogs

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