Film: 4674

Feature Drama | 1910 | Sound | B/W


Melodrama 1910's A poor girl is made to break off her relationship with the man she loves, she does so but tries to kill herself before she is reunited with her lover.

On screen: "The management will not tolerate loud or obscene noises during the show." Also an advertisement for "Hotel Grand, 20 Rooms 2 Baths, $6 per week including Meals".

Titles: "Eldora the Flower Girl, or Love Can Be Cruel".

A poor flower girl comes to an office to collect a receipt. She wears a long dress and headscarf. One of the employees, Horace, is in love with her. They shake hands, he squeezes her hand.

In a drawing room, Horace argues with his father, who tries to make him call off the affair. The following day, Eldora is shown into the older man's office. She shows him a letter from Horace, which declares his love for her. Close up of the letter. The father snatches the letter from her but she takes it back. He tells her to give up his son. She sits down, very unhappy. He sends her out of the office.

Intertitle "At Eldora's Home". Horace has come to visit her. They sit down, they talk and she laughs. She goes to a cupboard to get a cigarette. She strikes the match on the sole of her shoe and smokes. Horace is not pleased. She tries to get him to smoke but he refuses. Another man arrives, Eldora greets him warmly. Horace looks upset. He gets down on one knee beside Eldora and puts his arms around her. She pushes him away and sits beside the other man. Horace leaves, heartbroken. Eldora sits down, also heartbroken, having accomplished her task. She pushes her friend away and is overcome with despair. She collapses and weeps.

Horace's father is on the telephone in his office, a man comes in and shows him a newspaper. The headline reads "An Attempt at Suicide?" and describes how Eldora has tried to kill herself by throwing herself in front of a car. Horace's father is full of remorse.

In the hospital, Eldora's father sits by her bed. Horace and his father come in, there is also a nurse. Horace and Eldora embrace, there is a happy ending.


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