Film: 4725

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


American prisoners liberated. World War Two in the Pacific 1945. Admiral Halsey. VJ day in New York. Japanese surrender.

Japan Surrenders!!!
American airplanes take off from aircraft carriers. They fly beside the fleet for a while. Then POV from the bombers of industrial factories and bombs dropping on targets. Vice Admiral William S. Hawlsey? The ships guns go off against a Japanese airplane, it breaks up in flames and plunges to the sea. Another aircraft nose dives for the ocean. A distant view of the battle. A view of the mountainous Japanese coastline. Berlin, the Brandenburg Gate, President Harry Truman drives through Berlin. Truman, Churchill and Stalin, Stalin lights a cigarette.
New Mexico, Los Alomos, the research facilities that developed the Atomic bomb. Employees leaving at the end of the day, coming out of the gated facility. The atomic bomb going off. Military parade of Japanese troops. President Truman reads out the announcement of Japan's unconditional surrender in the Oval Office. Reporters rush from the Oval Office to relay this news back to their newspapers. VJ Day in Times Square, packed with people. A newspaper held up above the crowd, 'Victory: Japan Surrenders'. People walk across bunting on the ground in Times Square. Manila City Hall in the Philippines. Lieutenant Sawabi and Colonel Sutherland. Okinawa, troop s board a transport to Japan to establish an airfield. American airplanes landing in Japan. Troops of the 11th Airborne division fly in from Okinawa and Iwo Jima. American Prisoners liberated shake hands with the men newly arrived. General MacArthur arrives in Japan. General Macarthur boards Admiral Hawley's ship, the two men shake hands. Japanese pilots board the ship, the captain plots a point through a mine field on a map. Troops land on assault boats from the American ships.
September 2 1945, the SS Missouri, General Macarthur arrives. The Foreign minister of Japan, plus nine other representatives. Macarthur calls on the Japanese to sign, which they do , the foreign minister removing his top hat and gloves. Macarthur signs, the Chinese delegates signs, the British Delegate, Fraser, signs. Macarthur closes the ceremony.

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