Film: 4728

Places + Locations | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Tour of Rome , Italy told by a narrator based on his visit to Rome with his parents. Does not dwell so much on the classical sights of Rome but when it does it is with a more refreshing approach to them than usual.

A room with a slide projector and screen. A hand places the first slide into the projector showing the statue of Romulus and Remus being succoured by the wolf. Close up of statue. View of Spanish Steps and the hotel at the top where the family stayed. View is from the bottom of the steps. The fountain at the bottom of the steps in the Piazza di Spagna by night. A woman stands in the fountain drinking the water. Round the edge of the fountain are seated smartly dressed men and women. In the background cars go past. Panning of fountain. A woman in sunglasses drinks from the fountain. A man drinks from the fountain. A young boy and then a dog drink from the fountain. Close up of part of the fountain. Panning of fountain, the Spanish Steps and rising to the tower of the building at the top of the Steps. The slide of the Spanish Steps. Slide of Piazza Navona. In the distance is the matching obelisk to Cleopatra's Needle, London, England. In the foreground is a fountain. A boy with a camera stands high above the Piazza. View of rooftops panning to the top of the Obelisk from where the camera travels down to give an aerial view of the bottom of the obelisk, the fountain surrounding it and the square.

Bicycle races are being held round the fountain by boys in shorts and T-shirts. Close up of boys and their bikes going round the pool. A little boy in a cap stands by the side egging the racers on. View of boys on their bikes gong round the fountain. A close up of the statues and water in the fountain rising higher until we see a statue on the building overlooking the Piazza. View of pool and fish carving spouting water.

The boys, having finished their race, come to the edge of the pool and bend over to drink. One boy climbs into the pool and starts to splash. Close up of the boy in the fountain splashing and being splashed. Close up of part of the fountain. Slide of the Piazza Navona as before. Slide of the Forum, Rome, Italy. Close up of a woman in nasty brown dress with her handbag under her arm taking an ice cream cornet from the vendor. At the front of his stall are bottles of fizzy drink. Close up of a woman in a crowd eating an ice cream. A man eating an ice cream. Another man eats and ice cream whilst a woman with her hair in a bun, sunglasses and pearl necklace passes behind him also with an ice cream. Close up of woman with bun eating her ice cream. A man and a woman holding ice cream cones face each other. A large crowd of tourists along the Via Sacra. View of the Campidolglio. View of Forum with a triumphal arch at the far end. A man slices water melon. View of young man in sunglasses eating water melon. Other people eating water melon. A young woman has her back to the camera and eats water melon. In the background the vendor serves another customer. An old man eats water melon. A woman in glasses and a blue dress with white stripes holds two slices of water melon and has taken a bite out of each. An old woman dressed very formally in navy blue hat, navy leather gloves, navy suit and white blouse. View of two cats, one of which is lying down. Tabby cat with white front lying on a wall sunbathing. The old lady holds an open paper package in which she has meat. She throws the eat down into an archaeological site where the cats live. Lots of cats under a tree. A sign on a wall indicates the name of a restaurant. Inside a courtyard the restaurant is crowded - every table is full and people eat. They also watch the performers who walk through the tables singing and playing their instruments. A cart goes by carrying a boy holding a sparkler. The group of musicians play and sing. One has a tambourine, on a penny whistle and another a guitar. Balloons. A smiling woman fanning herself. Close up of the man with the tambourine. A man eats with a green napkin tucked under his chin. Balloons. There is a young boy with the troupe dressed in red satin. He has his arm round a young woman and is singing to her.

View of lots of people holding balloons. Balloons. Back to the room where the slide show is being held. On the screen is a slide of the Appian Way. It is lined with trees and the ruins of ancient Roman tombstones. View from the front of a vehicle travelling down the Appian Way. The road is lined with tall evergreen trees. The gates to a house can be seen as well as the wall. A house with plastered walls and green shutters at the windows can be seen on the right. A car is parked outside the grounds to an unseen house. According to the narrator this house belongs to Gina Lollabrigida. On the lawn one can see dogs (Dalmatians) which are barking. Close up of a triumphal arch. View as the camera travels through the small arch on the right hand side of the main arch. This is not a genuine Roman arch but a reproduction used in the film "Cleopatra". We are behind the scenes at Cinecitta just after they finished making the film. There are various props lying around including a model sphinx. A red truck with ladders on passes under the arch and continues down a dirt track. Two men sit under a tree eating. The one on the left leaning against the tree takes a swig from a raffia covered chianti bottle.

Night on the Via Veneto, Rome which is crowded with traffic. On the roadside restaurants have tables outside which are full. A woman eats an ice cream. At the opera Verdi's Aida is being performed. The procession scene. Close up of singer playing the Pharaoh sitting on a throne. The chorus on stage. Backstage where a man operates the lights. Horses gallop on stage pulling a chariot. They are white horse with red plumes. As they stop two of the chorus come to stand by their heads. A woman and two men scantily dressed in Egyptian costume dance. Slide of Piazza di Spagna. A street in Rome leading to the Piazza di Spagna which has overhead wires. There are palm trees and cars parked. Shop windows. Close up of shop with a dress in the window. More shops on the Via Condottieri with people walking past. Close up of the Gucci shop and a red handbag in the window. The handbag is removed from the window. A woman and a girl walk down the street past a shop selling ties and other men's accessories. A picture of a little girl in a sun bonnet. The market at Piazza Fontanelle Borghese. A woman looks at various items on a stall in particular a pair of model cannons. Close up of cannon. Another market stall with a model galleon in full sail, a puppet dressed in chain mail. A stall selling sketches and water colours of scenes in Rome. Sketch of horse. Sketch of Coliseum. Coliseum and arch next to it. Real Coliseum as seen from a moving horse and carriage. At the top of the Capitol Hill. Close up of statue on Capitol Hill of a man on horseback. People admiring the view of Rome from the Capitol Hill. water in the Trevi Fountain. Lots of people sit around the edge of the fountain. water falling into the pool at the bottom of the fountain statues. Statue on the fountain. Two youths look at the fountain. An old lady smiles. A couple are all gooey. A man offers to photograph tourist for a fee. Other people by the fountain include soldiers and sailors with girls and a family. A little boy throws a coin over his shoulder into the fountain. Water. A hand throwing a coin.

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