Film: 473

Social History | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie 1927. An upper class family at home in East Sussex. Near Shoreham in Sussex 1920's

Tewin Water near Welwyn and Hertford, home of the Beit family. Frog Hall Wokingham.

Intertitle "April 1927. Plumpton Races. Brighton. Henfield." An old man wearing a coat and hat stands beside two cars with a younger woman in a hat who is smoking. A young boy stands with them. The boy plays on a sort of seat on a pole which has been stuck into the grass, bouncing off it. Close up of the old man, holding binoculars. The man and another younger man sitting on the seats, with the boy. Cars drive onto a field where crowds of people have gathered in front of some buildings beside the racecourse. Some people are leaning against a rail. The young boy walks around with his hands behind his back. More cars drive up. Three horses with jockeys ride down the field. Assembled jockeys on horses. Start of the race, they're off! Backs of the race goers as they walk along beside the track as the horses race past. Everyone wears hats, one woman wears a fur coat. The horses jump over a fence. They race around a bend in the track. They race on the straight near the car park. Close up of horses jumping over a hedge, the crowds in the stands are visible in the background. They jump over another hedge. Then over a fence. They near the finish line in front of the crowds.

The old man prepares his pipe, rows of cars are parked in the field behind him, with the Sussex Downs in the background. The boy walks along with his hands in his pockets. The woman in the hat is sitting on the grass, she is wearing a tie and speaking. The boy is carrying one of the seats over his shoulder as though it was a rifle. He stands still for the camera and then marches. He is wearing a shirt, tie and jumper. Brief shot of the old man standing behind the woman. The boy and the younger man walk away from the camera and then turn around. They are both wearing plus fours. Close up of the old man smoking his pipe. Horses jump over a fence, there is a house in the background. View of the horses racing up the track into the distance. The boy watches through binoculars, view of adults' legs behind him. Another shot of the race. The boy watches through binoculars.

Two women in cloche hats come down steps. One wears a coat with a fur trim and they both wear pearls. Close up of the woman in fur. A man in a suit, hat and tie waits at the corner of a street by railings by a car. Close up of the man. His lips twitch and then he laughs. A boy by a doorway. A little girl outside, waving a stick. A younger boy in a coat outside a house with a gate. A man leads a pony. Close up of the little girl, she wipes her chin. The man tethers the pony, a woman watches him. Another couple watch by a gate. A woman and a boy. Group of people by the pony, one of the boys is sitting on it. The man leads the boy on the pony in front of the house. Another boy is led on the pony. A car drives along the lane. The little girl stands and looks at the camera. View of the family home, a large detached house.

Intertitle: "May 1927. Brighton near Bramley. Tewin Water. Frog Hall, Wokingham." A child runs up a small narrow street. At the end is "Sussex Motors". A boy rides a bicycle. The boy in the jumper sits on a low wall with one leg resting on it, beside him is a man with a stick, presumably his father. They stand and look at the camera. They walk away from Sussex Motors. "Garage For 100 Cars. Expert Service Day and Night. Efficient Repairs Guaranteed. Service Lorry Always Available". The boy sits on a pony, held by a groom in a cap. The father sits on a horse. They ride up the street together. They turn a corner into another street, past a parked car and a wall covered with creepers.
The boy stands beside a picnic rug, eating. A woman is sitting on the rug with a basket and food. Close up of the boy eating. The woman takes something out of a box and eats. The boy walks in front of the camera. A smiling man with shirt and tie but no jacket walks towards the camera. A woman with a cigarette in her mouth practises her golf swing. The woman and the boy, wearing a hat and carrying a stick, walk along a country lane, there is a gate behind them. The boy walks along with his father. Panoramic view of Tewin Water, near Welwyn, Hertfordshire. The father stands by the water, smoking a pipe and putting his hat on. The boy and his mother slide down a slope then walk through the woods. They stand still, carrying branches and other finds from their walk.

A couple in tennis whites walk past, followed by another woman dressed for tennis and carrying a tennis racket. A couple on a tennis court look at a racket. A woman hits the tennis ball over the net. A woman carrying a tennis racket with a dog on a lead walks towards a large house. Close up of the woman smiling. A man hits a tennis ball over the net. Brief shots of players in a doubles match. Four women sit at a table smoking outside a house, some sit on deckchairs. View of country house, with creeper covered walls. Presumably this is Frog Hall. Dog on the lawn. The dog rolls over. Another shot of the women at the table. Closer shots of the outside of the house. A couple walk across the lawn and smile at the camera. The man is wearing a bowtie and smoking a cigar, he talks to the dog. The woman is wearing a pearl necklace. A woman stands behind a group of men sitting at the table outside the house. Close up of one of the men, he holds up his little finger to the camera. The man walks across the lawn smoking a pipe, on either side of him is a young girl holding his hand. They are wearing identical dresses and look like sisters. They play and mess around with him, smiling at the camera, and he lifts one of them up. The dog is also there.

Intertitle: "June 1927. Chequers. Rottingdean". Group of people in the garden. Close up of a man and two women. Could be J H Thomas, Dominions Secretary? He smiles at the camera. Another man and woman in the garden. The man is distinguished looking with a beard. He puts a coat around his companion's shoulders, they are both laughing. The man practises a Highland jig. Others of the party also attempt Scottish dancing in the garden. Close up of the man with the beard. A man sits on a bench. Three men walk from the house through the garden, the first one is Prime Minister Stanley Baldwin. They are smiling at the camera. Politicians and big business men. A little girl with a bandaged knee practises her golf swing. A smiling baby in a pram. A man speaks to a young woman outside the house and they go inside. Other women in the garden. A group of people stand by the fence as cars go past. Stanley Baldwin 16mm cameras.

Intertitle: "April 1927. Point to Point at Dial Post. Steyning. Brighton." A woman wearing a beret and a scarf around her neck chats to her companion. An older woman carrying a piece of paper crosses the field and approaches the women. Close up of the woman in the beret, laughing. Close up of the older woman, with a big toothy smile. Close up of the other young woman. A man crosses the field. He stops and looks at the camera and puts his hands on his hips and gestures. The man in between the two younger women, one of them is smoking. He is wearing a bow tie and a flat cap. Another man on the field, he is older. Horses jumping over a fence, watched by the crowds. Close up of the older man with moustache.
Interior filming - two women dance together, one has a cigarette in her mouth. The old man watches, smoking his pipe, with another woman. They talk to each other. A mirror and mantelpiece are just visible. The man and the three women stand by the doorway outside. One makes faces at the camera. The boy wearing the jumper standing. He is lifted onto a horse by a man. He rides the horse around a yard, the man walking beside him. The boy stands in front of three women, two of them are smoking. He stands by a garden statue beside a servant or nanny, wearing a white apron and head scarf. Close up of the nanny. The boy salutes then jumps up and down. He ducks down and up again. He smiles.


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