Film: 4739

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


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The film begins with many tanks driving across semi-desert during World war Two. Smoke from gun fire is seen in the distance. Three tanks are seen firing, while soldiers are using the ammunition. An open truck can be viewed in the top right hand corner of the film. The scene switches to eight soldiers gathered around a large gun which is pointing in the air, while two appear to be firing it, the others are looking towards the target, one of the soldiers is using a pair of binoculars, the gun fire hits a plane which crashes to the ground. The scene of the crash is shown close up, burning debris is scattered around a wide area. Tanks and lorries are shown, the latter are both open and covered with tarpaulin, they are driving across the semi-desert towards an easterly direction. The view of white buildings can be seen in the distance, a covered lorry is then shown driving northwards towards the community. Soldiers are marching along a dirt track road accompanied by open and covered lorries and a close up of the soldiers who are marching reveal smiling faces. We are then shown a convoy of lorries and trucks driving from east to west with a background of palm trees, we are then shown the convoy having stopped for a rest and the soldiers are lounging around near their vehicles and one can be seen smoking a cigarette. A view reveals a group of foreign soldiers huddled together in the road. A tank is then shown and it appears to be in an urban district which displays white buildings, there are four men on the tank. The view switches to a main thoroughfare where local people are gathered along the roadside, they seem to be all men and are wearing various types of Arab style clothing, they are also waving to the assumed British troops who are driving down the main street. A brief view of local men gathered together on a roof top to look at the soldiers in the street. Next we can see rows of army vehicles parked neatly in the middle of the road. The film now clarifies the occasion which begins with an aerial view of the harbour of the location, while three large ships are evident, several smaller vessels are moored along the key area. Pictures of various damage to the harbour area are shown as well as a signpost which reads TRIPOLI and arrows with the appropriate locations all in foreign writing such as AL PORTO. We are then shown some soldiers, while some are wearing berets, others have peaked caps, two of the soldiers are also wearing pale coloured gabardine raincoats. A scene appears in which high ranking officers of opposing sides meet at the signpost, one of the British soldiers resembles Montgomery. He is then shown talking to crowds of people in the street, who are clapping as the Union Jack is hoisted up a flag pole. We are then given a view of Montgomery standing in an open topped, white car, he salutes to soldiers who are stood to attention by their vehicles, while local people are clapping. We are shown a plane landing in an airfield which is crowded with soldiers, we then see Churchill shaking Montgomery's hand. The next view is of men waving their army caps as a single motorcyclist passes the cheering crowd, we then see Churchill in an open topped car, waving his hat to the crowds while Montgomery is seated beside him. The rear of the car is then seen driving from east to west flanked by two motorcyclists. Soldiers are seen gathered along the roadside and we are shown a soldier who has scaled a telegraph pole. The Prime Minister Churchill is shown talking into a microphone to a crown of soldiers who are seated on the grass, the soldiers then get up and wave their caps in the air while cheering. Churchill then displays is famous victory sign. We are then shown a convoy of open topped cars slowly driving down the main street lined by soldiers. In the first car, Churchill is again stood up acknowledging, while Montgomery is seated in the front next to the driver, and another soldier sat next to Churchill. A close up of the crowd reveals men and women, some of who are Muslims, wearing pale coloured head coverings, A Scots band are shown marching down the street playing their bagpipes, while Churchill salutes them, four tanks with guns attached to the rear of each of them also drive down the street, soldiers are also marching along and Churchill also salutes them, these also appear to be Scots as they are wearing tam-o'-shanters, we are also shown a distant view of many other regiments marching down the street. It is at this point that the film ends.

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