Film: 4743

Personalities | 1940 | Silent | B/W


Theatrical Garden Party where Stars meet the public.

A the RoeHampton club in London. Fellow speaks into a loudspeaker, as people mill around in a kind of fete. All looks terribly upper-crust with the people walking around in their finery, outside white tents.
Sheila Sim, Douglas Montgomery and Rosamund Sim are early arrivals, Doug has one of the ladies on his arm, and all the women have hat son as though they were at Ascot.
Noel Coward, the host of the occasion greets Irish actor Kieron Moore and female friend. Henry Kendall, star of "Sweeter and Lower" meets old friend Raymond Lovell.
Margot Grahame and Peter Ustinov auction a cake for charity. (Ustinov looking incredibly young looking!). Robert Morley speaks to Sybil Thorndike at the 'treasure hunt' stall.
Then came the rain ! But one hardy soul was not deterred. (Fellow seen sitting at table outside in rain).
Two girls doing a dance with frilly tambourines waving about. Younger girls do some highland dancing, they are clapped. "From these youngsters our future stars will be made".
In the make up tent where a woman receives some eye make up, a little dog looks on as this is done, she admires herself in a looking glass. Apparently Dulcie Gray (seen with husband Michael Dennison) is in charge of this marquee. She is in a veiled hat,
"All the skittle alleys are well patronised" "The cats on the wall alley is under the charge of Robert Morley and everyone seems to be enjoying it" - Morley signs an autograph for fans, and makes them laugh in the process.
"Real champagne just for the fishing" - Moira Lister has a go! Contestants with fishing rods try to hook a bottle of bubbly for themselves. One female is successful.
We see Coward walking along with Kieron Moore. Tommy Cooper and a portly man address a crowd outside of a large white tent, the portly man swallows a flaming spear.
"A quick peek inside the marquee of mystery and mirth"
"Neal Arden comperes a fashion parade of ultra smart beachware" - bathing beauties walk around either side of a swimming pool, as Arden reads from a sheet.
"The Aqua Lovelies now present their beautiful water ballet from the spectacular Earl's Court Aquashow". Females are seen doing formation swimming, forming a circle doing backstroke.
"And another successful garden party comes to a close" We see milling crowds outside of a white marquee, and the scene gradually getting smaller and becoming a dot, until "The End" appears.

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