Film: 4745

Places + Locations | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Panoramic view of Heidelberg, Germany, taken from the Philosopher's Way. The Neckar river, with a freighter on it. Woods by Heidelberg. Ruined castle. Buildings below the castle. Crowded street in Heidelberg. Heidelberg is Germany's oldest university city. People walking n Heidelberg's streets. Japanese tourists, one smoking. Street scene in Heidelberg. The Hotel Ritter. A Heidelberg street. The Goldener Hecht, a student tavern. Bridge with portcullis. Statue of Minerva ? The Altebrucke (Old Bridge). Pleasure boats on the Neckar and a freighter. One of the pleasure boats is called Vaterland.
People getting onto a coach. The ruined castle and the city below it. University buildings around a car park. Students by a fountain. Souvenirs of Heidelberg. Musical beer mugs. Postcards. The ruined castle. At the ruined castle, visitors walk past the camera. The ruined castle People having their photograph taken by the ruined castle. Heidelberg - seen from the ruined castle. Japanese tourists at the ruined castle. A clock tower at the ruined castle. A facade at the ruined castle. People walking down steps. The facade of the ruined castle. The facade of the ruined castle seen from across the Neckar. Bridge across the Neckar.

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