Film: 4748

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Animated Consulate menthol cigarette advert with Red Indians, and a cowboy who coughs, because of 'other' cigarettes. Menthol consulate cigarettes are good for you!
First scene: Red Indians (American Indians) do a wardance around a white woman tied to a stake in the centre of their circle. All the Red Indians are exactly the same, performing exactly the same movement. They are in a desert-like land with rocks and cacti in the background and foreground. Each Red Indian carries a tomahawk, is bare-chested and wears a feather in a headband. The woman in the centre screams for help. Pan across to rocky outcrop where a cowboy crouches, aiming his shotgun towards the dancing Indians. He wears a Stetson, cowboy boots, gunbelt, trousers and shirt with a neckerchief round his neck. He aims the gun, screwing up his eye, but before he can shoot he starts to cough and the gun goes off, but is pointing in the wrong direction. He tries again, but starts coughing again, this time shooting the gun up into the sky. Now the Indians start to pile in, attacking him, as he sits helpless, wracked by his coughing fit.

Now the Indians continue their wardance, this time they have two captives - the original woman, plus the unfortunate cowboy, both tied to upright stakes. Close-up of the cowboy as he continues to cough. We see him as a silhouette with his lung visible inside, contacting with each cough, with little splinters appearing to move up inside his lungs. Next we see the young woman, who wriggles her arms out of the ropes, reaches into her cleavage inside her white shirt, and pulls out a packet of Consulate which she hands towards the cowboy.

Again, we see him in silhouette as her hand reaches out and places a cigarette between his lips. He inhales deeply, and his lungs expand to twice the size of before, and the little splinter-like bits disappear. His image becomes solid again as he exhales, smiling, his chest puffed out against the ropes that still bind him.
Next we see him from a different angle as he puffs out his chest and breaks his bonds, with a determined look on his face as he reaches round to pull out the stake that he was bound to. He knocks out the first Indian to attack him with a blow to the head, the next two who are kneeling down on the ground with their bottoms sticking out, are given a hiding thereon with the stake. The next two, running towards him with tomahawks held out are whacked across the chest. He turns aound as an Indian comes towards him with a large knife. He hits him on top of his head, knocking him out, he falls on some Indians already out cold lying on the ground. The girl at the stake looks on admiringly - the cowboy still has the cigarette in his mouth and all the Indians are now lying unconscious on the ground with their legs sticking up into the air.

We see the cowboy on his horse, carrying the girl, who sits across his lap, holding one of the horses reins in her hand. The cowboy has a cigarette in his hand, and takes the packet from his breast pocket. The 'cowgirl' wears cowboy boots and a knee-length skirt, and a low-cut white vest-top, she is young and pretty. The horse looks back at his two riders. The cowboy holds up the packet of Consulate, and winks at the camera.

Last shot is a close-up of the packet of Consulate, open, with some of the cigarettes inside artfully pulled up, and the words: 'Consulate menthol, long size filter cigarettes, made in England'.

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