Film: 475

Dance | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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This is a very good film with images useful as examples of a busy road, ladies' fashion during the 1920s

First section: Close up of a record playing superimposed on a close up of legs of can can ladies doing their dance. Medium range shot showing can can ladies smiling, lifting their skirts up and kicking their legs high in the air. Close up of the legs commentary in the background mentions the words "roaring twenties". Long shot of a canal, there is a boat stationed in the canal, on both sides of the canal there are people standing, on the large balcony section of the boat there are a lot of people in pairs dancing charleston, music is heard in the background. Medium shot showing full length view of a girl dressed in 1920s dress, she has a short wavy hair and she poses to the camera, there are some curtains draped in the background. Close up, side shot of a lady with a short wavy hair with a round hat, she has a scarf on and a lot of make up, she posses to the camera, she has a feather pen in her hand, and she smiles across the camera in a very lively manner. Medium shot showing full length view of a lady dressed in a swimming costume of 1920s style with pumpkin shaped trousers and a swimming cap, she holds a trophy in her hand and she poses happily to the camera. At a beachside, long shot of a crowd of people making a semi circle, in the centre there is a girl dressed in swimming costume and a long knee high socks and a cap, she is very lively, she dances along and shows off her costume and she has her hands high up in the air like a ballet dancer, and skips happily off the screen. Medium shot of the same crowd, which is in fact a grounp of ladies dressed in their swimming costume, some have sheepish smiles and there are policemen who are escorting these ladies there is a festive feel to the scene. End of this section.

Second section: Long shot of a street of London, cars, trams, motorbikes and people are walking, driving, this is a very good to show the mood of a busy street. Commentator says "so it looks as though 1926 would go down in history as the one and only short, sharp, shower, unless you count the reign of Charleston…, oh no! not again!" close view of the cars, a taxi comes closer to the camera, there is a couple dancing on top of a taxi as music play in the background. End of film.

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