Film: 4758

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Opening shots. Close up of Big Ben with Eros like statue in foreground. Choir sings Christmas cards in background. "It is a Christmas Day. I am leaving London tonight and flying to New York. I am taking with me a film despatch. The story of Christmas in England in the year of the Blitz 1940"
Panning shot of Christmas trees being cut and prepared by man in 1930's style hat and scarf. Trees being cut with large knife. Good shot of small churchyard with headstones with windmill on hill in background. Shot of children playing in forest and collecting trees. Children wear 1940's clothes, hats and scarves. Shot of soldiers marching through archway, spitfire planes taking off from airfield, battleship scenery signals and armoured vehicles and motorbike driving over rough terrain. Shot of turret of ack-ack or anti-aircraft gun with operator wearing balaclava. Ambulances, fire engines with crew. Shot of bridge in London with buses passing over, men in foreground walking past camera. Soldiers prepare guns and search lights. Holly trees. Good shot of air raid patrol. Helmet hanging from a gate with tinsel strewn across it. Shot of bombed house or shop in street with pedestrians walking by. Shop windows broken and interior of damaged shops. Bomb damaged street with ARP men removing people on stretchers. Rubble in background. Further shots of shattered windows. Interior of toy shop with children's toys planes and small forts modelled on the Siegfried and Maginox battles. Interior of shop window with models of female soldiers. Haystacks with young boys in field playing solders. Some boys wear hats. Young girls dressed as nurses. Pantomime posters. Bombed out theatres. Shots of pantomime. Fire watching. Spotters on rooftop. Small church. Men cleaning searchlight. Young boys and girls surround Christmas tree. Two boys sit and rock toy boat. Young children draw at table. Close up of young girl writing letter to her father. Small baby, young girl smiling. Churches. Dawn. Soldiers with light struck sky behind them. Small cottage with tree blowing in wind. Shepherds tending flock. This shot taken on horizon. Sheep. Shot of factory. Houses of Parliament. Shot of women turning off light, opening door. Soldier walking through door. Soldier walks into living room with open fire. Christmas tree in background. Child hugs father. Excellent shot of (air raid warden) through door, smoking cigarette, shots of soldiers. Houses of Parliament. Exterior Cathedral. Young boy. Singing carol. Choir. Very moving shot of underground with people sleeping, selling goods, decorating Christmas tree. Good tracking shot of people sleeping in Underground tunnel. Mother with crying baby. Effective use of music to stimulate audience involvement. Further shots of Christmas tree and long shot of tube station, unidentified. Christmas during World War Two.

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