Film: 4763

Shipping | 1960 | Sound | Colour


Suez canal Egypt 1960's

Freighter going through the Suez canal in Egypt. Map of the canal from the Mediterranean Sea to the red Sea. Farm workers picking leaves. Industrial plant. Automotive, car factory assembly line. Huge tanker ships going through the canal. The pyramids, carvings of Egyptian Pharaohs at the entrance of a pyramid. Feluccas. Pictures of tall sailing ships. Drawings of the opening ceremonies. Lake Timsah and the bItter lake, Captain of a ship moving down the canal. The flag of Iraq flying from the topmast. Looking out from the ship to the cultivated banks. Pipe sucking out of the canal. The end of the pipe throwing it out into the desert. A man working on a graph. A tug Boat pulls the ship away from a sand bar. A sailor paints a Port Said. A palace in Port Said. Repair yard on the Canal. Launches and tug boats of the canal authority. Bedouins on camels a camel caravan on the top of a sand hill.

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