Film: 4764

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


Washing machine adverts - consumer goods promotion 1960's

First advert.

The first ad is in black and white and starts off with a rapid series of shots of the washing machine dial whilst a jovial song about washing machine settings is sung. The shot depicts the dial on the second setting with "dial 2 for cottons" superimposed as a hand turns the dial. A mother and daughter both in long overcoats head out of the back door of their very tidy kitchen as the washing machine dutifully spins. Close-up of the washing machine in action, "English electric liberator" text is superimposed on the shot. A quick succession of shots show a man in overalls as he stands next to a super imposed hand operating the dial for a heavy wash. He is replaced by a little girl, as the dial is switched to its next setting, cotton (cottons). Now the mother in the frame with the nylon and terylene setting- text appears on the screen boasting six settings as the hand spins the dial.


A wider shot of the machine at work, with the text "heats the water". Reframe, "washes". Reframe to close up of machine window "Gentle tumble action", "rinses", "spin dries". Exterior, mother and daughter (mum and daughter) leave a green grocers fruit and vegetable stand (or stall) and walk across the pavement towards the bus stop. Screen wipe to them walking in the kitchen with their shopping with the mother looking at her washing machine knowing it has completed the action. Close-up of a woman's hand operating the dial. Wider shot of the machine and the text "English electric liberator" over it.

Second advert.


the text "The girl who has everything" appears as the images slips in from blur to focus- a women on a chaise longue files her nails as she relaxes in lavish opulence, the décor features chandeliers, candelabras and some kind of animal skin rug, maybe bear skin. Close-up of woman having a diamond necklace put around her neck, her eyes roll with boredom and disinterest, the screen split and she looks at the other side of the frame where she is loading a boxy washing machine. Pans across a Christmas tree loaded with tinsel as a (characterised as) handsome man in a black suit helps her into a fur coat, she feels the lapel of it as she looks into another split screen window of a washing machine in operation. The couple sit at a grand piano, and as she looks at him longingly he is replaced by a split screen window depicting her operating the controls of the washing machine.


Couple are now wearing stupid hats, he presents her with a jewelled Easter egg, which has a bracelet or wristwatch which she then puts on. Split screen as we see her hold the washed clothes against her face. She reads a large birthday card. Male looks down to hint at a location of a present. She raises her arms in surprised excitement and runs out frame. Action continues as she dances around her husband or boyfriend and the newly bought and bow wrapped washing machine- fast motion. Close-up of a gift label, "A Dealer, High street Anytown" .


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