Film: 4765

History | 1950 | Sound | B/W


An account of the latter part of the English Civil War, from 1644 to 1646. Told using maps, cartoons and drawings, with little footage 1950's

Map of England and Wales, '1644' superimposed, then the map moves up to Scotland to show a Scottish Presbyterian minister and the Earl of Montrose, then the whole of Britain and Ireland with armies' movements. Closer, Scottish army movements. Closer, as Newcastle goes to York and Rupert comes to his aid. Map of the siege of York by Manchester, Fairfax and the Scots. Actual footage of Clifford's Tower - a medieval keep - at York. Map showing Rupert's advance. Closer, as the siege of York is broken off and Rupert slips into York. Actual footage of Marston Moor in Yorkshire, a panorama of the corn fields. Map showing the battle plan of Marston Moor, fought between Rupert and Newcastle (Royalist) and Fairfax, Manchester and the Scots (Parliamentarian). Cartoon of Cromwell's charging horsemen. Similar, as they fight. Rupert's countercharge. Swords clash. Cavalry fight. A horse. A cavalryman. Royalists pushed back. Cromwell in pursuit. General map of the battle. Closer, of Fairfax's rout. Drawing of cavalry fighting. Map of the battle. Closer, Fairfax's rout. Cavalry fighting. A horse. Fighting in a lane. Wounded men. Actual footage of 'Bloody Lane' as it is called. Map of the battle as Cromwell returns to charge. Closer. Cavalryman. Fighting. Map, as Cromwell charges the Royalist infantry. Drawing of infantrymen. Musketeers firing. Similar. Map again as Newcastle's Whitecoats are wiped out. Map of the Marston Moor battlefield and York, which surrenders. Painting of Charles I. Painting of Prince Rupert. Painting of Cromwell. Title: '1645'. Drawing of cavalry representing the New Model Army. Drawing of piles of coins. Drawing of cavalry equipment. Drawing of massed ranks of musketeers and pike men. Large map of England and Wales. Closer, of Oxford as the King heads N from it and Fairfax besieges the town. The King moves E, Fairfax breaks off his siege and pursues Charles - they meet at the battle of Naseby. Actual footage of the fields at Naseby in Northamptonshire. Map of Naseby. Drawing of massed soldiers. Map of SW England, '1646', then drawing of Lord Astley (Royalist commander) superimposed, then credits superimposed.

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