Film: 4768

Farming + Rural Life | 1950 | Silent | B/W


Breton Farming in Brittany in France 1950's

Outside a farm house, three children coming through the gate, a horse and a carriage in front of the house, the father is preparing to ride away, the mother brings something for the journey. Everybody waves goodbye. Now the children go to spend time with the rabbits in the shed, they feed them and hold them. The girl and the older boy prepare to go to school whilst the younger brother stays at home. Outside the gate a man walks a herd of cows. In the classroom the teacher is pointing at a world map, the girl is pointing at Paris on the map, a detailed map of Brittany is shown, she points to Dinan. The children are back from school and run home. The father, the horse and the carriage are back too. The mother and daughter outside, opening a barrel, they are making cheese. The boy brings the cows in. Inside the house dinner time. The girl helps her younger brother to use knife and fork. Outside in the village. The family in the carriage, pointing at an old fort, they cross over a bridge and reach the town, Market day, buying vegetables. The children go off and look at an antique shop window, they see dolls wearing ethnical or national costumes. The town's clock tower. The mother is waiting in the carriage. The children climb up, she gives a doll to her daughter everybody is happy on their way home. Fade out. The end.

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