Film: 4772

Places + Locations | 1950 | Silent | Colour


Jamaica in the 1950's, amateur home movie.

Scenes of a city - looks European. Close up of the outside of a restaurant, Abbey House, probably London.
Jamaica - A group of men stand in a large driveway (business men). A house-like building is to the left but cannot really see it as it is partly covered up by trees as the camera pans to the side. Further, can see a car parked. Close up of the first half of an BOAC air liner aeroplane with propellers, camera pans across to the end of the aircraft and back to the front of the plane again. In the city, cars are parked outside shops. Another part of the city: a street entertainer stands centre, shot of entertainer from the side. People stand outside a building watching the beggar. Camera moves towards the entertainer and then towards the building. Point of view from a car filming the people walking down a street - appears to be busy. Close up of Barclays Bank. See people outside the bank. Camera moves towards the building. Shot of a park. Camera is positioned behind the railings. Camera pans across. Couple walk past. Different point of view of park. Fairly high up in between the side of two buildings. See cars parked outside the park. Close up of a tree. Different area of the park. Camera pans across a lake. See rocks with little water, surrounded by trees. Back to the lake. Camera pans across. A young girl looks over a bridge over the lake. View downwards from the bridge. Lake. Close up of sign on a stone pillar - 56 miles to Spanish Town, printed in black large letters. Lake. See side of the bridge. Close up of trees, camera pans across, small shallow river, lots of countryside surrounding trees. A van drives under a canopy of trees, close-up of the tree tops. See van driving out of the other end and towards the camera, moves to the side and close up of a bush. A run down shop, which has closed down all remains from its working days is as yellow …. With Dunlop printed in black. A couple from behind. Camera pans around this area - see trees. A beach surrounded by plants. Town people walk across the road. Point of view from car, the scenery, flowers by the roadside and a man riding past on a horse. Close up of a roadside, dust and rocks. A white woman greets black men (including line up) receiving a trophy. They are dressed in a uniform, possibly army/guards of some sort. Scenery shot - countryside. Town area. Close up of sign- Halfway - tree - Kingston. See people to the side of the sign. The sign appears to be a bus stop as the camera pans to the left, a bus is visible. Beach (black lines on this part of film) Close up of a wooden hut. (rundown signs, Westmoreland, Hanover.) Scenic areas of countryside and a garden. Lots of close-ups of flowers on the roadside. Lake. Cattle grazing. Children walk down the road. Beach. Sign on a tree - Siesta Private. Close up of signs - Browns Town 8 miles. Shacks. Local peoples homes amongst trees. Bird's eye view car driving towards the screen. A white man, close up from the side. Water. See a town from a distance opposite, camera pans across (black lines). Beach. Country side shots.
The Second Tour of the Island. Close up of map of the Caribbean. Large white building, looks very old. Black guards stand outside. Shot of young guards (children). A white man gives a piece of rope to one of the children and he attempts to tie a knot. Guards perform. The man writes on a chalkboards, a black audience (outside). Camera pans around the grounds of the building. Close up of the gates. A van drives through. See men marching in plain clothes (looks like they are practising to become guards) Close up of a motif (upside down) People outside. Scenic view (trees, bushes) see people waving. Camera looks out of a car window. A car drives away. Touring Eastern District of the Island. Close up of the map of the Caribbean. Van drives away. Guards marching, playing instruments. Close up of white man in a suit. Boys playing football. Boy guards. Van driving away. Boy guards. The End

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