Film: 4779

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Anatomy and the Spinal column 1950's

Good shots of divers from dive board. Man throws discus. X rays of spine and neck in motion. Boy drinks milk. Neck and back in motion. Model of the Spine connection of the pelvis bones. Diagram of spinal cord. The spine laid out horizonally. 33 vertebrae, division fo the spine. The curves of the sinal column. Spinal discs allow movement. The differences between the vertebre. The Axial vertebrae. Thorasic vertebrae as anchor points fo rthe ribs on the model. Lumbar vertebrae larger than those above. Cross section of the spinal column. The position of ligaments. Attachment of muscles. Postural problems, a boy drinking milk. A boy in a bed with an alarm clock. A girl swimming. A woman typing at a desk. Review of the film. X-ray of the body in movement.

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