Film: 4783

Newsreels + Film Magazines | 1970 | Sound | Colour


In an attempt to stem car crime, Young offenders are encouraged to do up banger racing cars 1970's

There are shots of desirable cars and rally cars. The voiceover talks of how youngsters want such cars and that they steal them to get the opportunity to drive them. Shot of two youths in a car park with a crowbar trying to break into a car as police arrive. Cut to presenter who talks about a unique project by the Ilderton Motor Project. Shots of a parking lot containing many such cars. Shots of the cars involved in banger racing at Wimbledon Stadium. Move to shot of breakers yard. The presenter now stands outside the Illderton Motor Project headquarters. Shot of youngsters working on cars in garage. Interview with leader of the project (name unclear) who speaks of his desire for the boys to stay out of trouble. Footage of banger car racing with commentary about how this is such a unique project that people come from across the world to see it. Move to interview with Ronald Con (sp?), a probation officer who says of fifty youths involved in the scheme only four have reoffended.

Scenes of youths working on the cars as he speaks. He says three other schemes are beginning across Britain based on Ilderton. Interview moves onto garage where two youths speak about what the project has taught them. Further footage of banger car racing follows. Cut to a shot of the presenter outside the Ilderton headquarters as he describes what banger car racing is. The piece ends with further footage of banger car racing.

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