Film: 4784

Entertainment + Leisure | 1930 | Silent | B/W


Amateur home movie of Foxhill. Race horse stables 1930's

Stable hands walking along inside stable block. A view of closed outdoor stables with an attractive large white stone decoration in front of them and young lads vigorously sweeping the yard, a cat lay lazing in the sun. Boys scurrying around distributing water and feed buckets throughout the yard, with yard cat sat in the background. A smartly dressed rider backs a horse out of it's stall and heads out of the yard. Several other horses are brought out of their stables and head off in the same direction, yard hands working busily on around them. Two smartly dressed men stood in the foreground admiring a race horse, groom proceeds to turn him around and walk away. Groom continues along a path lined with various forms of shrubbery with the horse as he takes him to the racing ground. Multiple shots of a young cat playing and chasing a mouse before catching it and carrying it off. Dark view of a large white house stood in the countryside. A long single file line of race horses being ridden at a walk along a field, rolling countryside behind them, a few passing by at a greater speed in the foreground. Horses being ridden or walked out of the scene. Collection of horses racing along a track. Preparation of a racehorse, horse pawin the ground and continously fidgeting with other horses walking around it. Shots of various horses receiving final preparations before the race. Horses being walked through a field in single file. Man with a bucket walking across yard in which a collection of large decorative stones sit in the middle. Views of all the outbuildings. Horse being backed into his stall by his jockey after returning from his race. Young lad brushing and cleaning a horse in it's stable. Shots through a hedge gap, overlooking yard activity. Gentleman walking down a path between two hedges and with his dog.

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