Film: 4785

Art + Architecture | 1970 | Sound | Colour


British Design 1970's

Black male presenter introduces film. Buses passing special exhibition near Piccadilly Circus. The design centre. Everything in the building is approved by the Design Council. Items include and engine, taps, a drill. Airliner approaching airport. Night-time point of view shot as airliner makes approach to land. Very distinctive runway landing lights. Close up of lights which are adjusted to change colour from white to orange. Close ups of bulb manufacturing. Inventor of new light explains that his ideas are then passed on to a design team who make it into a durable, functional shape.

Two men study the design on paper. Large and small light unit compared side by side. Close up of finger pushing green "Forward" button. Lamps tested. Ticker-tape type of machine. Light tested by having water sprayed onto it. It steams. Point of view as aircraft lands. Very 1970's lamps on a frame - red, white and blue. Two men sail very small dinghies. They are watched by two men from the bank of the reservoir. In factory, boat is pressed in two halves in seven minutes. Outside of boat hulls. Two halves of boat sealed together. A form of mass production. Designer fits rudder and describes it. Boats sailing. Ropes fitted into machine Rudder put in place.

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