Film: 4799

Fashion | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Film demonstrating use of Dylon products, in particular tie-dye and batik 1970's

White background, small square motif of woman's profile greek style, below are words "colour comes alive" and "filmed at the Dylon Colour Centre and the 'Woman's Own' kitchen". Small round packets of dye appear right to left. Girl's chest from right side wearing tie-dye t-shirt. Another girl's chest wearing tie-dye t-shirt, turns towards camera, then to her left. Chest in t-shirt from left. Another, as girl turns to her left. Yet another, girl turns to right, no head shown in any of the shots.
Close-up of child. Mother in tie-dye apron ties material, one child on either side. Close-up of mother as she talks to child on her right. Daughter on left looks up at her. Extreme close-up a little girl's face from her left, pan out to show working on something. Close-up of someone's hands tie string around white fabric. Close-up of another girl's face, look of concentration, on to first little girl's face as they sit next to each other. Close-up of various hands tying large piece of material on table. Packets of dye arranged in arrow-head shape on table. Surrounded by various ojects needed to tie-dye, like scissors, salt, water, pan to left to show bucket, wooden spoon and rubber gloves.

White t-shirt on green table, woman in red jumper, head not shown, picks it up from one point in centre, pan up, though still no face, as she ties t-shirt with elastic band. Same woman with white table in front of her opens round packet of dye, knocks powder into glass bowl, pours water into bowl. Woman behind green table picks up sachet of Dylon Cold Dye Fix, pan out, empties powder into glass jug, adds salt from her left and pours water from kettle on her right, stirs. Back to white table, pours red dye from bowl to white bucket, adds mix from jug. Pink table, aerial shot into red dye, wearing yellow marigold gloves she takes wet wet t-shirt from glass bowl, puts in bucket, stirs with spoon. Close-up of digital clack as numbers turn. Back as she stirs t-shirt. Back to clock count down. Removes t-shirt, places in bowl. Shot of water representing rinsing. Woman begins to untie t-shirt. Aerial shot of metal sink full of soapy water, puts in untied shirt. Orange t-shirt with white circle pattern, laid dry and ironed on green surface. Same t-shirt on different background, close-up.
Large colour chart for "Multi-purpose Dyes and Tints". Close-up of tins of dye, pan out to show large selection of colours neatly arranged in rows. Open yellow box full of tins of dye, with colour chart on lid. Aerial close-up of tin number 15, pan down, drawing of measuring jug in thick black pen. Drawing of kettle of hot water. Drawing of jug, kettle top right, spoon top left, tin of dye in centre. Drawing of saucepan, jug above, two clocks to right of screen. White space, pan left to show line of bottles of liquid dye. Drawing of saucepan with bottle of ready-mix dye above, two clocks to right. Blue box full of tins of dye, colour chart on lid. Close-up of colour chart, circles of colour with names below, on black background, pan down. Colour chart on white background. Woman in red jumper as she ties bands around the orange t-shirt previously dyed. Water shown, appears poured on glass above camera. Woman shown ironing finished t-shirt. T-shirt shown on green surface. In kitchen with woman in tie-dye apron, one child either side, works on red fabric in glass bowl. Close-up of mum untieing ribber bands, pan up. Red apron put on little girl, ties it herself. Mum kneels infront of her helps arrange it.

Stones and shells on unpolished wooden surface, lots of shadow. White cloth on black background with rocks tied into it .Material shown, green with white circles made using stones. White fabric on black background, very creaded and crumpled tied with string. Red and yellow material showing effects this makes. Length of fabric pleated and tied neatly at intervals. Shown when dyed. Fabric with large stitches in rows across. Material on black surface, one end yellow, other is white and tied inside plastic bag to protect it from dye. Effect shown on dyed material. White fabric gathered and tied with safety pin, move in for close-up. Effect of yellow heart on green background.

Four people at dinner table with candles burning, tablecloth in green tie-dye. Dinner party. Close-up of tablecloth. Shot of woman with glass of wine. Blonde woman wipes mouth with tie-dye napkin. Man pours more wine. Camera pans across table as party eat. Young woman washing hair in shower, reaches up for towel. Tie-dyed towel wrapped around her. Young woman in red robe unties it to reveal green nightdress, climbs into bed made with orange tie-dye sheets. Close-up as she lays down on tie-dyed pillows.

Woman's profile, greek style, etched in white on glass, glass door opens. Mannequins in shop. Close-up of coloured scarves as they spin on rack. Mannequin faces. Unclear shot of coloured fabrics. Pan up to show coloured scarves, high street seen through shop window, pan right to batik butterfly on scarf. Pan arround room, batik sea horses.
Woman sits at table with fabric in front of her nailed to frame, pan of hot wax to her right, she paints wax on pencil outline on fabric. Two tins of dye, yellow bowl with cold dye fix, pan out to show material, thumb tacks and wooden frame, pan left to show wax and tools. Square white fabric, pencil drawing of stylized sun with face. Pattern attached to frame with pins. Woman takes wax from pan, holds tissue underneath to catch drips, draws on outline. Close-up as she does this using traditional Indonesian tool. Fabric off frame shown with wax on it. Woman wears rubber gloves, picks up fabric, crumples up slightly, places in bucket of dye, stirs. Running watwer shot. Fabric with yellow sun pegged up to dry. Dyed fabric pinned back on frame as woman adds more wax to design. Fabric off frame showing new waxed areas. Woman places fabric in another bucket of dye. Woman shown ironing fabric between paper to remove wax. Fabric washed in sink of soapy water. Woman ironing her design. Aerial shot of finished fabric in yellow and brown colours.
Packaged tools used for this hobby, pan down. Yellow box labelled "Dylon Batik Kit", with similar sun motif as earlier.

Spot-light, perhaps film set. Two teenagers in tie-dye dops walk up steps, backs to us. Woman looking through camera. Young man in tie-dye t-shirt smokes cigarette next to blue spot-light. Blonde woman wearing tie-dyed dress leans with arm high up on wall, unclear location, probably studio environment. Close-up of tie-dye bag. Dark haired young woman in red and white tie-dye top. Batik style wide belt or obi. Another young model in long tie-dyed waistcoat, with hand on wall in artist's studio. Backstage, girls in bright clothes, young man climbs wooden ladder. Close-up, pan out to show tie-dye shoulder bag. Look up to see young man with the lights above stage. Close-up of another young man in batik shirt. Pan across orange material, woman reclining. Young woman's chest in batik dress, pan down to floor. Pan up, oversized tie on woman. Pan down corduroy trousers with painted snake design. Girl's chest, dress painted with simple heart and bird design. Pan up oversized tie with boat and star design. Silk material with flower design, pan up to reveal it is a long dress modelled by young woman with long blonde hair, leaves behind her. Bottom of trousers with bold star and chevron design. Cord trousers layed flat on table, track left to show star and chevron design, brushes lay on top, blue bowl with dye, packet of Dylon "paintex" behind, track left to packets of dye and cold dye fix. Different woman sits at the table, picks up brush and continues to paint on trousers. Aerial shot of her painting. Painted trousers hang on wire coat-hanger to dry. Rinsed in soapy water in sink. Finished trousers layed flat on table. Close-up of girl, pan down to t-shirt with simple sun design, as she turns left. I love you and heart design, turn right, up to girl's face. Track left over chest, girl in top painted with flowers. Right over another top with flowers. Track left over man's chest, white shirt with coloured pattern. Pretty girl, dark hair, seated cross-legged in artist's studio wearing pink trousers painted with black. Another girl models painted trousers. Dyed woollen stockings being pulled on, pan out to show woman in shadow. Close-up of blonde young woman, attractive and smiling. Tin of dye, pan out to show other tins arranged in pattern on white table. Other tins arranged in rows. Pile of magazines on these hobbies, one more appears on top. Magazines and leaflets spread out on surface. Selection of boxes and packets of dye. Close-up of one small tin of dye, rapid pan out.

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