Film: 4807

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | Colour


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Amateur home movie of Iceland 1930's lifeboat drill. Games on deck, Iceland, geysers. Deck quoits, waterfalls.

Amateur footage of a cruise in the Arctic sea. Map of Arctic region with cruise route marked out. Lifeboat drill on deck. Sailors lined up with life jackets on. Captain inspects them. Pink tinted section of flag flying (a cross with crown in centre). Sunset on horizon of sea. Back to b/w, pig drawn in chalk on deck. Women playing blind man's bluff, woman wearing a big white blindfold. Lead by a sailor to the chalk pig. She marks where she thinks the tail is. Women playing on the deck, races to pick up stones etc. More deck games. More blind man's bluff. A very murky Icelandic coast with mountains in view. Shots of the Gulfoss waterfall in the south of Iceland. Long shots, close ups. Rapids, gorges. A man in a long coat walks along rocks above the waterfall. People standing near a geyser, in the Golden Triangle, hot steam rises into the air. Cars parked in foreground. Geyser getting ready to blow in background. People crowded around it. Close up of the Great Geyser. Geyser blowing. Long shot of the Great Geyser blowing. A rock cliff jutting into the sea. A young woman on board the ship with a shingle hair cut. Playing deck tennis. Playing deck quoits. View from ship of mountainous misty land. People gather on decks to watch landscape. Officers and a woman lie in deckchairs smoking cigarettes. More murky landscapes of the coast of Iceland. Pink tinted waterfall close up. B/w close up of waterfall. Pan of waterfall. Close up of rapids, water tumbling over rocks. Tourists in an Icelandic village on Icelandic ponies. Woman stands on a street corner. Cruise passengers stand outside an Icelandic farmer's turf cottage. Young boy on an Icelandic pony in the farmyard. Farm dog wagging its tail as it is stroked. Pony pulls carriage. Shot of a tourist filming a haystack being put together. Pink tinted version of similar shot with dog in foreground. Pan around farming building. Shot from a moving vehicle of a small village consisting of a church and two houses. More farmhouses set against a background of snowy mountains. A ship is berthed in the harbour. Passengers climb on board dinghy to return to ship, sailor helps women from quayside. Shot of wharf disappearing as boat pulls out. Passengers in boat climbing up gangplank. Pink tinted sun on horizon.

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