Film: 4808

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie trip to Iceland and Scandinavia 1930's

Shots of Icelandic coast. Rowboat with three men rows towards ship. Men board ship. Men row away from ship. More misty shots of rugged, mountainous coastline. Out of focus officers on bridge. Glacier coming down to sea. Pink tinted. Sun on horizon. Glacier on coastline. All very out of focus. Some good shots of glaciers and mountains with an extremely calm sea in foreground. Passengers milling about on deck, including children and a man with a movie camera (16mm or 9.5 mm?). A woman stands on a life raft and looks around her. Good shot of volcanic rock and glacier running into sea. People crowd on deck to watch icebergs. Good close up of small pink-tinted iceberg. Edge of glacier by sea. Passengers point out icebergs to one another. Another very good close up of an iceberg. Boat moves towards edge of glacier. Some bumpy out-of-focus close ups, however a few good clear shots in between. A woman on deck also has what could be a movie camera. Good close ups of glacier's edge. Three young women on deck wearing sunglasses, with mountains in the background. Passengers in swimming pool on board ship. Long shot of moored ship in fjord. Very murky pan across a fishing village. Medium view of ship in fjord. More landscape. Passengers board lifeboat to be taken back to ship. More shots of mountainous coastline, glaciers, snowy peaks. Pink tinted snow scape, perhaps in the north of Iceland, including an ice floe. Close up of ice floe. Close up of seagull on water taking off. Passengers and crew watch ice as they power through it. A settlement with a large white four storey building being built on the hill side. Birds flying across the sea. A fishing boat passing the cruiser. Some great clear shots of the Icelandic coast. More pink tinted skies. Black and white skies. Passengers on board ship looking out at views with binoculars. More sunny skies. Passengers on deck all wearing huge fur coats. A family wearing ordinary coats!! The crew on deck in wet weather gear. The crew fishing.

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