Film: 4809

Places + Locations | 1930 | Silent | B/W + Colour


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Amateur home movie trip to Iceland, Scandinavia 1930's

Harbour scene Bergen, Norway. Street scene, building reading 'Nilssen and Son', people walking, one flatbed truck in background. Statue. A green square with women walking past in foreground, car parked on left hand side and horse and carriage in background. Various street scenes and monuments. Gardens in bloom. B/W: market place selling bric-a-brac and junk. Harbour and fishing boats moored. Fish market. Fish in boxes and laid out on slabs of wood for inspection. Street scene with cars. Sign reading, 'Mountain Railway' (Bergbahn). Train going along track about to enter tunnel as seen from inside train. Down coming cable car passes on other side of track. Terrace of a restaurant in the mountain. Waitresses to right. View down the valley in both colour and b/w. Pan across the town from mountain top. View down the fjord. Men painting the side of a small ship at its berth. Ship in dock called Atlantis. View from dockside of the cruise ship. A family on deck. The ship in a fjord viewed from a mountain, then from shore. Two women and a man walk toward the camera. In the background the Norwegian flag flies. Coastline views of rock cliffs. Birds flying all around them. Bird flying rapidly over the water. Very out of focus birds resting on the cliffs. A passenger ship sails past. Two female passengers stroke a stuffed polar bear. More fjords with picturesque houses. Another boat motors past. Crew and passengers look out to sea. Woman gets into swimming pool on deck of ship. More women take off their robes and clamber into the swimming baths. A man dives in. A woman climbs on a blow up rubber bird and bobs in the water. More damn fjords and mountains. Looking down the barrel of two large guns mounted on the parapets of a fortress / castle. A weir with cars going over the bridge above it. Rapids and spray from the weir. Close ups of the water gushing out of the weir. Pan up to river and close up of bridge over the weir. Cathedral with rosary window. Sentry marching up and down past sentry box. Church spire, town hall with clock, statue in town square. Another stuffed bear, this time, brown! Shop window displays bear related products: furs, miniature stuffed bears, polar bear rugs etc. Street scene in small town, tram coming towards camera. Wharves with fishing boats. People under umbrellas congregating. More fjords. More birds. More mountains. A funnel lets off steam. Close ups of cliffs and waterfalls coming down to meet damn fjords. Close up of waterfalls, all very high! Ship putting down anchor including close up of anchor chain. A village in a fjord. The lifeboat takes the passengers ashore. Good shot from deck of ship. Close up of town. Back on board ship, a man with a movie camera films another man with a movie camera. Lifeboat comes into dock. Shots of people disembarking, shoes on stone steps. A sea plane lands in the fjord. More people disembarking from life raft. White horses and carriage. Pink (colour of the film) waterfalls and rivers. Mountain rapids. Guess what, another damn fjord, and yes a glacier with a tea shop, and a tee-pee. Man in national costume takes a reindeer out of a shed and then poses with tourists. Views down a valley. Mountain goats, waterfalls, rivers, glaciers, mountains. Nice shot of the stern wave of the ship in calm water.

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