Film: 4810

Adverts | 1960 | Sound | B/W + Colour


A collection of 1960's television advertisements from the United States of America.

1. Blenderised Holsum bread. (b/w)
Feet running away from camera. Children in park on swings, running around and on roundabouts. Bread comes towards camera, "Feed Your Youngster Blenderised Holsum". Young blonde girl bites into a sandwich with a special effect of a circular field of energy around bread.
2. Top Job cleaner. (b/w)
Housewife runs out of her American home with white picket fence. Two neighbours run up as she says she has been given $10 by a man. One neighbour holds a bottle of Top Job. One of the housewives runs down the American suburban street to get home and get her Top Job out. Mr 'Top Job' salesman wearing boater and carrying cane walks down the street explaining about Top Job. Cut to housewife still running home. She makes it to her back door as he walks down the street into her porch. She runs into her 1950's kitchen and runs to the door with her Top Job cleaner ready to claim her $10.
3. Budweiser beer. (b/w)
A bowling alley. Pan along alleys. Shot of player aiming for pins. Ten pins fall. Shot of Budweiser beer on table top. Close up of score card. Two male friends talk about Budweiser, holding a bottle and glass of beer each. Close up of hand holding Budweiser bottle with label facing out. Shot from behind player who is bowling down the alley. Close up of beer being poured into glass. Close up of bowling ball coming back from the skittle end of the alley on a conveyor. Five bottles of Bud put on table. Five hands grab a bottle each. Close up of beer being poured into glass. "Its worth it … Its Budweiser".
4. Crisco Shortening. (b/w)
Woman standing in a car park talking direct to camera "Who's the best cook in Centerville, Iowa?" Mrs Ivyl Tarbell, that's who. Interviewer and Ivyl are standing next to Ivyl's medal cabinet. Close up of medals won for cooking. Shot of kitchen bench with tin of Crisco. "Crisco is the reason my family love my fried veal chops". Close up of creamy white lard in tin. Sub title, digestible fried foods that don't taste greasy. Ivyl turns to cooker and shakes pan. Close up of veal chops frying in pan. Fork pokes them, sub title, exclusive vegetable formula. Ivyl hands interviewer plate of veal chops. "Mmmm looks delicious". Close up of chops. Close up of Crisco.
5. United Airlines. (b/w)
American football game. Plane flying in the air. Shots of United Airlines plane flying past cloud. Map of USA with airline routes superimposed over the plane. Plane taking off, flying in the air; 727 jet, 720 jet, Caravel, DC-8. Plane landing. Close up of nose of plane. Great soundtrack. United logo on screen. "The airline known for extra care".
6. Foremost Ice Cream. (b/w)
Painting of people eating ice cream: a cowboy, a rich man on his yacht, an adult, a child, old man, young woman, young boy, old grumpy lady. Ice cream parfait glasses. Scoop taking ice cream out of Foremost container. Montage of hand-made ice-cream using a series of engravings. Child eating out of ice cream container.
7. Foremost Party Parfait.
Foremost Party Parfait. Animation of figures on the side of the ice cream pack.
8. Jello Instant Pudding. (colour/faded)
Close up of fork going through a chocolate cream pie or cheesecake. Pan across to a packet of chocolate. Jello Instant Pudding. Jello being poured out of pack. Close up of Instant Pudding being whipped up. Blending in of whipped cream with spatula. Pouring of mixture into pie crust. Chill. Shot of finished cheesecake covered in cream. Yum, yum! Various flavours shown. Slice of pineapple cream, banana cream, lemon cream, coconut cream. Fork full of chocolate cream pans past Jello Instant Pudding packet again.
9. BC Headache Powder. (colour/faded)
Talking head of a crazed looking man. Flashback to office by the water cooler. He is wiping his face, suffering from a cold. Friend suggests BC. Close up of BC pain relief packet. He takes the powder and pours it down his throat. Hands passing packets of BC pain killer to one another. Our hero comes on at end says, "It is the Greatest". Close up of BC sitting on a table.
10. Butterball Smiths Premium Turkey. (colour)
A long line of women baste and season turkeys. Close up of basting, covering bird with foil, roasting pan lids. Close up of Smith's turkey in its packaging. Turkey going into oven. Turkey coming out cooked. Carving the turkey over and over.
11. Ford Cars. (colour/fading)
Woman watches a red Ford Mustang fastback muscle car / pony car wind up a mountain road. Shot zooms into car. Shots of car from different angle. Woman standing next to a blue saloon Ford Galaxie car a on mountain road. Close up of her taking her scarf off and waving it. The blue saloon car is a Ford Galaxie 1965. The camera pans around it. Close up of logo, LTD. Back seat interior. Radiator grill. Rear fender and boot of Galaxie. She smiles. Red Mustang 2.2 zooms along mountain road. Close up of logo on car. Louvres in back for air-conditioning. Back seat interior with box of flowers on it. Mustang drives up to Galaxie where woman waits.
12. Micrin Oral Antiseptic. (colour/faded)
Trouble with customers? A talking head of a woman tells us it's a "breath problem". Her colleague looks horrified, "But I brush my teeth". Close up of Micrin on bathroom sink. Hand picks up bottle and shakes it. Close up of liquid "foaming out food particles". Woman with bad breath is impressed and smiles. "I'm sold on Micrin". Close up of product.
13. Band-Aid. (colour)
Boy playing marbles, shot from ground level. Zoom into his finger aiming marble. He has a plaster on his index finger. Close up of hurt finger. Mother's fingers remove plaster to show clean skin under plaster and dirty skin underneath. Close up of Band Aid tin.
14. Firestone Tyres (Firestone 500). (colour)
Motor racing circa 1960's, Indianapolis 500. Car comes into pit. Close up of Firestone 500 tyres being checked for pressure etc with sub title reading "SUP-R-TUF RUBBER". Close up of tyres on a racing car, then ordinary car, a Ford Mustang fastback driving up a mountain road. Mechanic checking tyres of racing car, wearing an orange Firestone jacket. Two door convertible drives down suburban street. Firestone sign.

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