Film: 4814

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


Excerpts of several of Derek Ware's stunts 1970's with some great bloopers

Stunt man Being blown up (special effect). Jump from car to helicopter. Clothes on fire (then put out by fire extinguisher). Riding on roof of car. Fighting with Jon Pertwee on gas cooling tower, he is shot by soldier and falls off tower. Derek talks over excerpts from "The Italian Job". Motorcycles, and tank with water cannon. Medieval archers fire arrows, knight and horse fall over. Red Indians fire arrows, U.S.A. cavalry officer's horse is hit and collapses. Chris Kelly walks onto set and talks to Derek Ware. Derek runs from Police Station. Stunt director explains how stunt should work. Derek is to be shot with arrow. The arrow should travel along on invisible wire and land in a panel in Derek's chest. Sometimes stunts do not go as planned. Arrow does not reach Derek - the crew laugh. Second attempt, Derek's gun will not fire, and he then almost shoots himself in the foot. Chris Kelly concludes with public health warning. "I know it does not really need saying, but I am going to say it anyway; don't throw yourself off high buildings, don't chuck yourself through glass doors and don't throw yourself in the canal because it bakes an awful lot of skill and an awful lot of planning".

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