Film: 4818

Aviation | 1920 | Silent + Sound | B/W


Stunts and feature clips 1920's

Stunt Man does stunts whilst hanging from biplane. Does handstand. Filmed from another plane. Climbs from one plane to another. Smiles! Takes off hat for camera.
[Spliced with] clip from U.S.A. 1920's feature film? Biplanes in action. Close up of actor and girl.
[Spliced with] Excellent quality aerial stunts. Two men walk on top wing of biplane. One does handstand. Other crawls to him. This shot from another plane. Then we see cameraman on wings of plane obviously filming man doing stunt. On the plane itself, shadow of the cameraman along wing to man doing stunts. On ground. The three men joke and smile.
[First part of film repeated]
[Joined with] Sound film. U.S.A. 1940's voice-over documenting about flying in the movies.
Man stands on wing of biplane. Tries to grab part of another biplane. He fails and falls over on wing this from - [this from feature film? Or serial?]. Stuntman Al Wilson, "Dean of the aerial stuntmen". Two men fight in wires of biplane. One tries to kick other out. He comforts female pilot as he looks down at ground. Pearl White battles with Warner Oland as Fu Manchu. She holds a pistol gun on him, he pulls a trap door, but she grabs at a mantelpiece and saves herself. [Dupe of same Pearl White clip]. [1930's sound film}. Various exciting bits from films and stunts: various clips: Red Indians drag girl over rocks. Girls stands on roof of speeding train. She Unhitches wagon. Pressure gauge drops and driver goes to investigate. Serial queen Ruth Roland, reads romantic fiction in railway carriage blissfully unaware of large shadowed hand approaching. Two men lie on roof of train and one leans in at window and grabs Ruth's bag. She struggles for it. She calls for help. She bites hand. Man's grip starts to slip. Men fall off roof as man's feet loose their hold. Girl runs down steep hillside. Man calls to her and pulls her away with rope as huge boulder rolls by. She is dressed as Red Indian. Woman leaps on horse and rides off. [One second of] girl climbing rope ladder from train to airplane. Girl jumps onto speeding train. Pursuing man fails to. Girl on roof of runaway railway wagon. Man swings on rope and grabs her to save her. Carriage plunges into river. Girl on aerial rope pulley. The rope is untied and she falls.
[Clip from "Ruth Of The Rockies]. Liquid trickles under door. Blow torch is on. Girl is locked in room. Fire breaks out as blow torch catches paraffin. She is terrified. [Another clip]. Man in uniform is chased by men. Rock doorway collapses on him!

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