Film: 4819

Feature Comedy | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Richard Talmadge in a crime drama 1920's

Two men sit at desk talking. They argue. They stand. Older man strikes his fist. Father and son argue about son's driving too fast. Police officer enters. Son has been speeding, and cop prepares to arrest him. Man listens at door. Son runs, opens door, doesn't go through it, cop does, crashes into man, and son closes door. Son shakes father's hand. Close up of telegram saying sender is withholding payment. Cop searches for son. Son drives off on motorbike.
"In the post-office downstairs" two thieves look at safe. Try to turn dial. Very small political meeting, local politician makes speech indoors to audience of ten. Politician points at his two bloodhounds. His straw hat is upside down on table next to him. Two burglars prepare fuse on safe. Man lights fuse. Loud explosion disturbs meeting. Thieves run away outside in dark. Men leave meeting rapidly. Man (son) enters through window as townspeople enter building to see post- office safe robbed. Mayor and son talk face to face. Man pulls his jacket back to reveal sheriff's star. Takes man's arm, man shakes him off. Sheriff takes his arm again. Son pushes him back and runs away. He leaps into buggy, but is surrounded by townspeople. He somersaults out of buggy, and runs away. Men run after him. He jumps over fence. He is chased to wooden building. Climbs to first floor veranda. Fights men back. Runs along verandah and does very good jump to next building's veranda. Jumps down onto buggy and drives horse and buggy away from crowd. Men stop and shake fists.
Next day, four men in buggy stop in country. They have two bloodhounds. One man carries rifle. Four men see smoke and track down real thieves. Son appears in his buggy. Bloodhounds are released to attack men, but men spot them. Four men tiptoe up. Son hides in small stream. One of four men points. Two thieves set bloodhounds on four townspeople who run across footbridge. Son looks into men's camp, but they catch him, track him down and run. He chases them through stream. Dogs chase men along road. Two thieves climb into buggy and drive off. Son leaps into second buggy and chases thieves. Son whips his horse. Thieves buggy turns corner, loses wheel and they fall off into hay field. Son chases men across field in his buggy. Thieves run away and jump over several successive fences. Hero follows and is much more agile, and jumps more quickly. Thieves climb and help each other to climb pile of hay bales. One pushes and other pulls. Son catches up and leaps at them. They all roll down the pile of bales. Son chases robbers to farmhouse. They shut him out. All three men on the steep roof. Son chases men. All three fight and fall off. They fall through roof of farm and through its wall. Good stunt where son leaps off gate onto man's neck. Men jump over cattle trough. More fighting. Men get son on floor and kick him. He gets up and punches them both down. He drags man by foot to the buggy. Son has successfully defeated and beaten up two thieves. He puts one in buggy. He picks second man up and marches him to buggy. He has wallet (presumably of cash). Sheriff (still running) arrives at Mayor's house and gives him badge as well as handcuffs and keys. He resigns job of sheriff. Dogs chase ex-sheriff down road.

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