Film: 4825

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


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Railway stunts from feature films.
Man climbs on outside of moving railway carriage. Woman runs across railway track and attempts to derail train by throwing sticks onto the line. Train continues and girl disappointed. Man climbs up ladder on outside of carriage. Girl gets map and draws route of railway in big arc. She draws a straight line across loop, a short cut! She saddles horse. Train travels backwards past water tower. Girl rides through tunnel. Man on runaway train tries to turn wheel to brake train. Girl rides horse. She lassoes boulder, ties rope round tree and hand over hand climbs along rope to point over railway cutting. As train passes she grabs man off roof. Carriage continues down hill. Man and woman climb hand over hand along rope to side of cutting. She helps man. Train finishes taking on water.

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