Film: 4829

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Derek Ware instructs an 8-year old boy on stage sword fighting. Arranging the fight. Rehearsing. Fake fencing. Derek wears a pair of abnormally large gloves. Pulling a table away and the boy jumps backwards off it. The boy says his lines as well as practicing the sword fight blow for blow.
The finished piece. Paul (the boy) is Zorro and fights Mexican soldiers. He kicks them downstairs and pulls curtain down on one man.
Various sword shots as Paul despatches Mexican soldiers. He throws a pot at one and drops the candelabra on another two. Finally Derek (in a rather fetching wig) fights Paul. We see the fight they rehearsed earlier. Paul carves a "Z" on Derek's cheek, and he falls through a window backwards. Close up of 'Zorro'.

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