Film: 4830

Entertainment + Leisure | 1960 | Sound | B/W


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Peter Purves interviews Derek Ware. In the background, over an ornamental pond two sword fights are staged. One has two men fighting, each with sword and dagger. The second fight has two men fighting one man. We see the fights, then the camera pans down, so we see the mens' reflections. Derek teaches Peter the five basic methods of attack, flank, cheek, head, other cheek, other flank. The defence is called parrying. For film work, the sword fight will usually concentrate above the waist. They stage a short fight. Period style costume drama fight on castle battlements as Peter Purves fights off several attackers. Body falls over battlements. Man falls down staircase. Peter holds his blade and bends it. Swashbuckling. Then three cavaliers advance on Peter and corner him against a wall. He swipes them all dead. Six men close on him in a circle, Peter ducks and they all stab each other. Cavalier is trapped under falling portcullis. One man charges at Peter and falls in the moat. Two men fight and Peter kicks other into moat. Peter salutes and runs off. He talks to camera as cloaked man emerges from behind tree (Derek?) and stabs Peter in back. "It depends on who's arranging the fight". Peter gets up and thanks the film crew - one compliments Peter Purves and says "very Doughlas Fairbanks", another says "more like Mary Pickford".

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