Film: 4837

Feature Drama | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Handcuffed man (Derek Ware) escapes from two policemen in police station. He beats them up and kicks them 1970's

Policeman leans over staircase and throws truncheon at escapee. Man does good fall down stairs. Picks up truncheon. Attacks policeman. Runs away. Man jumps through glass door. Outside he pulls piece of glass out of cut in face. Climbs wall ladder (still in hand cuffs). Policeman follows him. Escapee jumps from wall to wall and climbs up. Pursuing policeman falls. Second policeman follows. Man gets in cab of lorry. Escapee jumps off roof onto flat roof followed by policeman. Man jumps onto lorry. Lorry drives off. Lorry drives round streets. Policeman pursues Larry on foot. Man jumps off lorry over fence.

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