Film: 4838

Entertainment + Leisure | 1970 | Sound | Colour


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Interviewer asks Stunt man Derek Ware how he got into the stunt business 1970's

Explains it was a stop-gap, good fencer, learned to ride a horse, fight arranger, and do stunts. Derek's voice-over of him together with special effects people. Behind the scenes with Les Bowie on set of "Long Day's Dying". Director signals to special effects men to start smoke. Three stuntmen walk to camera as explosion goes off next to them. Count-down to explosion. Men get up and run. Another explosion blows two of them up. Then stunt men check they are alright and laugh. Three stunt men lined up as man shoots them, blood on shirts of all three as they fall over playing dead. Derek Ware directs stunt scene for three men being shot in a gravel pit. Pellet gun shot into ground. Gun being loaded. Laying explosive bullets in water. Ware speaks about explosives expert who blew up Harold Lloyd, blinding him in right eye and losing two of his fingers. The stunt. Three men shot. Ware talks over preparation of special effects shot whereby dummy will be blown up. Short shot of Jon Pertwee running. After effects of explosion. Crew pick up bits of offal and innards. False leg in wellington boot,

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