Film: 4842

Media | 1970 | Silent | Colour


The National Film Archive at Aston Clinton film vault 1970's

Rusty film cans of nitrate film. Red nitrate labels. Strip and nitrate and safety film set on fire by candle. Mass of coiled film shaken out onto the ground. Reel of nitrate set alight, big hot fire. Reel of nitrate set alight from the centre. Rapid burning. A second reel is placed in the hot ashes. And quickly burns. Small amount of hot ash placed near a reel, gives off vast fumes and soon burns up. Pile of rusty cans, one is set burning and soon spreads to can pile below. Lids are forced open and all still burning. Residue of ash in a can. Tub of water. Nitrate reel set alight and dropped into water. It goes on burning underwater in the tub. Fumes pour out. Sign says " No Smoking ".

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