Film: 4844

Media | 1950 | Silent | B/W


William Friese Greene pioneer filmmaker in the 1950's

Brooke Street, London EC1 (Holborn). Houses where Friese-Greene worked. Prudential Building Holborn. Pan to Brooke Street. Portrait of Friese-Greene. Frames of Friese-Greene film (Hyde Park etc.) seen in pages from a book. Still of Funeral (see main film). Four frames of head of Friese-Greene. Patent # 10131. (1889) Improved apparatus for taking photographs in rapid series (Friese-Greene, photographer of 92, Piccadilly. Pathe News camera and Friese-Greene camera as used in "The Magic Box". Various details. Friese-Greene family. Science Museum, London. Pathe camera and detail of Friese-Greene mock-up with wide film and rollers. Turning handle.

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