Film: 4847

Aviation | 1910 | Silent | B/W


Curtis, Lathan, Bleriot, Hassiel. Bleriot etc. at Hendon. Balfour, prime minister of the day, flies with Graham White coronation aerial post Hendon. Windsor Graham - Compilation of aircraft news stories, 1909-1912.

White, posh Edwardian wedding. Aircraft fly into grounds. Rheims.
" Arrival at Hendon by courtesy of Hendon Aerodrome Officials " filmed by Jury Films. Air Race?
" Parliamentary Aerial Referee committee at Hendon " (Jury).
Railway track in shot.
" Mr. Balfour's flight with Graham White ".
" Viscount Haldare congratulates Mr. Cody ".
" The Premier and His Little Son ".
" Mr. H. Hamel as Despatch Carrier. (monoplane) shots of Hamel and Balfour.
" The Inauguration of the Coronation aerial post. Sept. 9th " (Jury). " The Departure from Hendon " (Monoplane).
" Arrival at Windsor or Castle " (postman etc. )
" Chelmsford. Famous Aviator marries Mr Graham White and Miss Dorothy Chadwell Taylor ". Bridegroom and guests fly to the Wedding. Edwardian wedding reception. Guests arrive by air in grounds. Planes land and take off.

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