Film: 4859

Railways | 1930 | Silent | B/W


The LMS narrow gauge railway of the Leek and Manifold Light Railway was opened 1901 and closed in 1934. The section filmed is between Waterhouses and Hulme End on the Staffordshire and the west Derbyshire border 1930's

View of scenery in the Manifold Valley.
The film begins with shots of the rivers Hamp and Manifold and a 1930 Austin Car with butterfly radiator cap crossing a unbridged ford. View of track from train. Unidentified station is viewed in passing. Passengers boarding. Guard waves a flag from the back of the train. Details of the locomotives " E. R. Caltrop " and " J.B.Earle " with American stock. Guard and footplate men. Train departs. Thor's Cave Halt. Long scenery shots. More details of train and locomotive. Coming out of Swainsley Tunnel. Final view as train goes on its way.

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