Film: 4867

War + Military | 1950 | Sound | B/W


D Day 6th June 1944
Spring 1944. German radar system. German staff car, trucks with troops in road. German troops marching. German officers (apparently at Omaha). Troops enter bunkers. Large gun raises barrel. German officer looks at map and points to sea. The white cliffs of Dover. Soldiers look through binoculars. London (Jane something) trams pass by Big Ben. Early morning streets near St. Paul's. Channel port (?) with loaded ships and barrage balloons. Portsmouth harbour with American troops boarding ships via gang plank.
Late on afternoon of 5th June Eisenhower visited Newbury air base the headquarters of the 101st Airborne. Eisenhower chats to smiling paratroopers. Blackened faces. As troops march by they wave at camera. Troops gather round plane to hear orders. We overhear Eisenhower's voice as we see troops climbing ladders into planes. Officer shakes hand with soldier in plane. Caption on front of plane reads, "That's All Brother". American Airforce officer waves plane off. Planes in air. Film from planes of other troop planes. Close up of cigar chewing paratrooper. Paratroopers hitch up their cables. First man jumps still chewing cigar. Parachutists from both inside plane as they all run out, and from another plane as they jump and their parachutes start to open! Huge numbers of paratroopers landing filmed from ground. Concentrate on one man who is pulled along by wind. Troops land (apparently in Normandy, France). Man runs along with large gun on his shoulder. Troop planes fly overhead. Troop ships in the English channel. American flag flies from stern of one. Ships bow goes through water (filmed from above). Man steers wheel. General Dwight Vondenbury oversees glider squadron preparation. Loading motorcycle into glider. Attaching towing rope. Towing glider. Attack planes taking off. Aerial view of woods below. Shadow of plane beneath. Planes flying over Channel. Planes from ships. Ships guns. Naval troops wearing gun flab protection. White gloves and head and neck covering. Large guns firing from ships. Ships signaller uses large light or Morse code or semaphor. Plane cockpit. Bomb boy opening. Dropping bombs. Explosions far below on beach and next to coast. More bombing and exploding bombs. Towing plane and glider. Glider lands and part of wing comes off. Another glider lands and then its tail goes up vertically. Another glider comes to a halt and troops immediately run out.
Invasion boats from the air. Landing craft. Landing craft at sea. Troops in the landing craft. German soldier carries heavy shell to gun. Officer orders rockets to fire, and lots of rockets fire into air. Big gun fires. Planes camera gun fires at targets on ground. More bomb dropping. Landing craft with small field guns on firing ahead. Ships firing guns and salvoes of rockets. Loading craft beach and troops run out. Classic shot of British troops in landing craft with houses in background. Doors open and first two soldiers climb out carrying a ladder. Soldiers walk up beach. One collapses. In landing craft troops prepare to leap out. Man's hand (with wedding ring) pats back of man in front. American troops running up beach. Flame thrower. In woods beyond beach. American soldiers fire rifles. Plane camera gun fires at German (?) plane on ground. Troops walking ashore. Planes flying by. Fighter planes fly past.

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