Film: 4868

War + Military | 1940 | Sound | B/W


Interesting film of how newspapers deliveries were maintained during the blitz during World War Two 1940's

Opening sequence: London, World War Two. Taxi with three passengers in London streets. Policeman. Taxi cabs. Voice-over by I.N.S. war correspondent, Merrill Mueller. Newspaper van cuts in front of taxi. Taxi follows young boy, running, who gives newspaper to policeman standing on traffic duty. Train station, Ramsgate. Newspapers are stacked onto train. Diagram map of London stations. Diagram shows the delivery of newspapers can be redirected if and when bombs make traditional routes difficult to follow. Trains on track. Air raid patrol man takes a drag of a cigarette. Voice-over informs us that the Ramsgate newspaper train got off four hours late. Newspapers stacked up on train. Bomb damage on railway line with large crater, building with roof destroyed, damage to homes and railway station roof destroyed. Further damage to buildings shown on photographs. English countryside. Simulated attack by enemy war plane. Newspapers are picked up from doorstep. Two milk bottles remain on doorstep, empty. Shopkeeper picks out bullets imbedded in newspaper during aerial attack. Hands one bullet to schoolboy. Tanks move through rough terrain left to right. Men smoke pipes while reading newspapers. Title pages of papers. Daily sketch, Daily Express, The Chronicle, Daily Mail, Manchester Guardian and Times. Shot of London Bridge. Passengers alighting from third class train compartments onto station platform. Man carries large basket of flowers on his head. Our American narrator arrives at his news office. The two men light up cigarettes (reporter and news editor). Editor hands correspondent small match box. Inside is a note with some bullets sent to him by the newsagent. Note reads. "Dear Editor. If it is of any interest to you I found these bullets in your editorial column this morning."

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