Film: 487

Feature Drama | 1900 | Silent | B/W


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Italian silent epics from the 1900's

Two men, a soldier and his officer, argue heavily after the officer takes a look at the war plan that the soldier delivers to him. The officer throws the piece of paper away angrily, while two guards enter the room and blindfold the soldier. They take him away while the officer shouts angrily. Titles. A group of soldiers run to battle.

In an ancient temple, a man tries to talk a beautiful young woman to come with him, but she refuses. Outside the temple, a man is being crowned, while lots of people celebrate. Meanwhile, a man falls from the top of a seaside rock to the sea, while his lover asks for help; another woman arrives, but she's unable to help. The woman cries next to the corpse. As soldiers bring the man's corpse to the forum, men start fighting each other, while the two women are crying.

A group of soldiers and civilians follow an old man who seems to be the king and who's holding a young boy. The king hugs the kid, while some soldiers gather around him and close the door behind them. Another group of soldiers seem to be discussing about starting a revolution. As some executioners lead a young man to the execution site, the soldiers from the previous scene come to the rescue and save him from dying. A young woman begs an officer to do something, but he harasses her, until she falls to the ground. The revolutionary group arrives to the site and assassinates the officer. Soldiers, officers and generals present themselves to the king, while the crowd celebrates the arrival of the young man. Soldiers hold up the kingdom's flags, while people celebrate.

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