Film: 4880

Medicine | 1950 | Sound | B/W


Heart Disease 1950's
Very good footage of X-Ray view of human heart beating. See the whole rib cage and trunk from the front and then the side. The diaphragm going up and down. Diagrammatic representation of heart. Film of man having his blood pressure tested. The apparatus with the mercury falling. Talk of high blood pressure. Man is not wearing shirt. He and doctor who wears a suit sit in doctor's surgery. Diagram of arteriole and of hypertension. Film of normal heart and enlarged heart which has been overexercised. Diagram of the hardening of the arteries. This is arteriosclerosis. The sclerotic arteries indicated in a human heart. Diagram of events leading up to heart attack or coronary occlusion. Diagram of blood clot breaking away from artery lining which can lead to a stroke or heart attack. Complete rest is required. Diseases of the arteries cause 90% of the deaths due to heart failure. 3% of deaths are caused by rheumatic fever - usually a disease of young people. Mother comforts teenage daughter who sits in a window with a book. She indicates her throat. She may have a streptococcus throat infection which is often the first sign of rheumatic fever. Mother feels the temperature of girl's forehead and pats her hand. Mother cooks in kitchen - she stirs dinner in a saucepan. Listless daughter enters and sits down at the kitchen table. Mother opens fridge and offers daughter milk from a bottle. Girl refuses. Girl feels her apparently swollen elbow joint. A human heart. The heart valves are indicated with a pair of tweezers. Close up of normal heart valve. Tweezers hold leaves of connective tissue apart. Excellent film from inside heart as valves open and close. Another heart valve of a rheumatic fever victim. The valve flaps are scarred. Close up of girl's arm receiving injection. The use of antibiotics. Doctor puts a stethoscope on. Doctor writes medical diagnosis. Doctor and middle aged man talk in doctor's surgery. Doctor stops talking and writes. Close up of electrocardiogram machine. Camera pulls back and we see male patient lying down as doctor monitors electrocardiogram. Examination of paper spooling out of machine. Physician wearing protective apron looks at patient's heart through fluoroscope screen to observe its action, size, shape and location. X-ray shot of dye passing through bloodstream with heart beating. X-ray stills of a catheter inserted in the heart. Bottles of medicine - "acidum solicyclicum" and "aminophyllin" amongst others on a shelf. Two doctors in white coats examine X-rays on a wall light box.

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