Film: 4882

Feature Drama | 1950 | Silent | B/W


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Very soft porn 1950's

Topless girl with very large breasts sits in an armchair, with a negligee on, reaching a newspaper. She sees an advert for "posers and mannequins", glamour models for magazines. She puts the paper down, walks to her mirror, takes off the negligee and poses, the camera zooms in and out at them. She walks down the road to the Harrison Marks glamour studios. She walks down the hall of the offices and down the stairs to the reception. There are pictures of nude girls absolutely everywhere. The receptionist phones a man in an office who is smoking, they go through some pictures of what will be expected. They all nod. She takes off her very large black bra and rubs herself. She puts on her lipstick at a dressing table and touches up her hair. Some men arrange the lighting for the photographic shoot. Adjusting the lights height and reaching the light levels. A blonde woman touches up the models hair. A man knocks on the door to say they are ready. She walks into the studio, takes off her dressing gown. She has been topless with rather unbecoming knickers so far. She is now totally nude with no pubic hairs. The blonde woman puts oil on her. Olive (!). The cameras are adjusted again and the blonde arranges her hair. The man directs the various poses of a glamour nature. Close up of a camera man and a flash gun going off. Nude, girlie magazines on the floor.

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