Film: 4884

Feature Drama | 1920 | Silent | B/W


Lullaby, expressionist short 1920's

The shadows of the Eastern European or Russian city. A door opens onto a busy saloon of a tavern. A maid rocks a cradle in the corner, she wears a fringed shawl head scarf and sings to her baby. The baby cries. The men in the inn are noisy and boisterous, they sing and play instruments. A accordion being played. A bearded man drinks from shallow dish. The group of men sing and eat at the table. A man wipes his mouth of the checkered table cloth. The woman gets up with the baby and leaves. The maid ties her shawl tightly around her head and who very tired and worn-out. A bearded man at the table looks at her. He shouts at her and she leaves. His companions roar with laughter. Te party gets going again, some of the men quarrel. The maid has returned the bay to the cradle and rocks it again. She falls asleep and dreams. Men with black and white painted faces. Another woman pushes her awake and takes her place and the cradle. Bearded asks her to get some rings off the wall, maybe they are bread !! A younger man helps and smiles, beard is not happy with this. She tidies the table. The older woman throws some linen at her,. Beard lights a cigarette. He orders the samovar to be taken form the table. He is offended, he shakes, her, he pushes her against the wall and tears off her shawl. He beats her about the head with it. He throws her out of the room. She is at a bucket washing the linen. Beard takes off his coat to show a Russian style shirt with an embroidered panel. She look s tired tired, she sits some bread. She imagines the baby and sings and sways to a lullaby. She look sat of the window and dreams or imagines swirling patterns or men with painted faces. And the baby. Is she going mad ?? She examines her hands in a delirium, possibly she wonders her strength to strangle. But she out her shawl on instead. The maid now walks though strange shapes, is she losing her mind ? Beard shouts at the older woman, she has left.
The maid lies on a couch listening to the young man play the accordion, she looks happy.

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