Film: 4888

Places + Locations | 1980 | Sound | Colour


Zurich in Switzerland 1980's

Aerial shot of green land and forested hill sides, a lake, mountains, a city, a river running through the city to lake. Various aerial shots of Zurich city centre. A man opens the shutters in the early morning light. He walks up a cobbled street to some steps. A café opens, the shutter goes up and a woman takes a table out onto the street. Pan of the Backerei Vohdin. A florist brings sunflowers onto the street. A number seven tram to Wollishofen clunks by. A woman in the street. Bank exchange rates in Canada and London. Computer terminals at the Stock Exchange. Trams in the street with a huge Swiss flag in the foreground. Jewelry shop window. Interior of a Bally shoe shop. Window of a clothes shop. Cosmetics especially Yves St Laurent. Models trying on designer fashions. The Gucci shop. The Grieder shop. Inside a cathedral-like shopping mall with domes, stained glass windows. A church with religious stained glass windows. An art gallery with letti statues. Shot of art gallery from mezzanine floor. Swimming in the lake. Travelling shots of cathedrals, statues etc in Zurich. A reception, a man puts a glass of white wine to his lips. Windsurfing. A tourist ferry on the lake. Aerial view over rooftops of Zurich, Switzerland, Europe panning down to a man on a roof top garden. Two girls swimming. A man playing frisbee in the park. Young people picnicking in the park, sunbathing. Swimming in the river. A man lights a cigarette in an outdoor café. A tourist couple walk through small cobbled streets past a beer bar. Young people wearing groovy clothes sit in an outdoor café on orange plastic chairs. An attractive made up woman directs traffic. More panning along shops. Two young women admire long 'hippy style' dresses. A man and a woman sit outside a bar drinking wine. They have a bulldog at their feet. The window of a confectionery shop including close ups of chocolates and truffles. A woman browses outside a classical music book shop. Exterior of Odeon café. Interior of Odeon café. It is night and couples walk up cobblestone streets. People are gathered in pubs smoking and drinking wine. An outdoor market at night. A bric-a-brac antique stall. A wool stall. A girl knitting. A couple enter a hotel. They register with the desk clerk. More interiors of Bier Kellers. A Rolls Royce car pulls up to a swanky hotel. The dining room of the hotel with silver candelabra on white linen table clothed tables. People watching from an outdoor café.

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